Wenderwood Dungeon

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This dungeon used to be designed for a 5 person team of level 8 members; one tank, one healer and three dps. But as of 2018 they changed the dungeon to be 'scaled' which means that anybody who enters the dungeon will have the mobs change difficulty to be their level. Eg. a level 5 warrior can join a group of level 13 members and to the level 5 warrior, each mob will seem like level 5 and at the same time the mobs will seem like level 13 to the level 13 members. It is still easier to defeat the dungeons at a higher level because of the talent system.

This dungeon can easily be located through the field of pig men near the burning woods. The most common way of getting to the dungeon is to follow the road from the town of Twins, and hug the side of Maat's Keep past the burning woods and pig men.

Shitty Map
Shitty wenderwood dungeon map.png

Wenderwood Mobs
1. Sprites
2. Spiders
3. Rock Trolls
4. Many Whelps

Wenderwood Bosses
Voluspa - No Loot
Tank and spank!
Ww voluspa1.jpg Ww voluspa2.jpg

Stone Kelpie (Giant Stone Crab)
Tank and spank, watch out for AOE.
Ww stone crab.jpg

Ogre - No Loot
Tank and spank!
Ww ogre.jpg

Dovrugebben (Stone Golem)
Have tank position boss underneath stalactites. Ranged shoots the stalactites which will drop on the boss, making it weak to damage. Once the boss is stunned apply DPS. Rinse, repeat, don't die.
Ww stone golem1.jpg Ww stone golem2.jpg