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Weapon Affixes[edit]

  • Indestructible: Your weapon takes no durability damage when you die.
  • Lifesteal: A small percent of all damage that you deal heals you as well.
  • Lifepull: A small percent of all healing done to nearby allies heals you as well.
  • Charged Strikes: You are guaranteed to have a critical strike every N attacks (in addition to your base crit chance). N is currently 15 but this may change up or down during balancing.
  • Unbending: When a blow would kill you, instead you are reduced to 1 HP. This effect can trigger once every 60 seconds.
  • Treasure Master: You will find small amounts of dram in loot bags.
  • Giantkiller: Increases your damage by a certain percent to all boss-level enemies. 3%
  • Iceheart: All attacks do increased percent damage to enemies afflicted with Slow (e.g. by the Runemage Frostbolt or Musketeer Frost Orb). 5%
  • Bleed: All of your attacks have a small percent chance to inflict a bleed of 300% of the damage done over 5 seconds. Does not stack.
  • Lightning Forged: All of your attacks have a small chance of triggering an arc of lightning, which damages the creature you attacked as well as nearby enemies.
  • First Strike: You have a 100% chance that your first attack against a full-health target will be a critical strike.

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Shard Level Equipment[edit]

This is the attack stat of each weapon by the shard level it was acquired in.

Shard Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Attack 1071 1082 1096 1109 1122 1148 1174 1202 1230 1258