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Warriors are the stoic merchants of death that walk casually through the game wondering why every one else but the musketeers keep dying.

They are particularly adept at blocking buffs and heals that are sent their way, and enjoy basking in the glory of agro.

On a side note they are all Capricorns, nobody knows why.


Basic Warrior Video Tutorial[edit]



Swords have handles, and pointy ends. The blades are the most important part since so far as I know there is not bonus for poking things with the pointy end.

The wider your swing the more damage it will do.

You will see golden slashes to indicate what kind of strike you have achieved, this should help with Sword Combos.

Sword Combos[edit]

Sword Combos much like Mage spells are accomplished by the way you move your main weapon. With sword combo you instead need to sequence your weapon strike patterns in order to achieve the desired sword combo.
After each combo string, if you hold your sword out at a 90 degree angle from your final swipe, the tip will turn red allowing for another stronger attack of the combo type. Eg. Wound, then hold for redtip, double damage. Provoke, then hold for redtip, double taunt. (needs verification on effect)
Wound - Primary Damage Dealing Combo
W left.pngAiga uparrow inv.pngW left.pngW right.png
Provoke - Combo Used to Tank and Build Agro
W left.pngW right.pngAiga uparrow inv.png
Hamstring - Combo Used to Slow a Target
Aiga uparrow inv.pngW right.pngW left.pngAiga uparrow inv.png
Cleave - Attacks the Primary Target and Surrounding Monsters in Close Proximity
W right.pngAiga uparrow inv.pngAiga uparrow inv.pngW left.png


Shields will protect you as a warrior, and make you look super cool of course.

Holding a shield in front of yourself in order to block damage protects you until the shield wears down. Plus you build up aggro by blocking hits. When the shield turns red it goes through a recovery period before becoming usable again.

Shields must be equiped in the bottom middle slot in your inventory.

The small round shield has a small effective area and lower damage blocking capability, but allows for the highest weapon damage from your sword.

The large kite shield blocks more damage and has a larger effective area, but significantly reduces the damage of your sword strikes.

The shield can be used to protect other players with practice, and becomes particularly important when fighting more difficult bosses and enemies in a group.

WARNING: Your shield will block your own sword strikes. Be sure to hold it out of the way. Listen for sad pinging sounds and watch for strikes that don't land damage.

A strike attack with the shield (called shield bash) does minor damage and stuns the thing trying to damage you. (some talents improve the types of damage / debuff applied after a shield bash.


Activate the Warrior's super by pressing both trigger buttons at the same time when yellow bar is full.

Warrior's Super: Fortify[edit]

The Warrior's Super: Fortify temporarily increases your armor and instantly recharges your shield to full health.



Righteousness: Your Provoke Combo heals you for a small amount.

Improved Stun: When an enemy is Stunned by your Shield Bash, they also take 5% increased damage from all sources for 2 seconds.

Improved Rush: Your Sword Rush ability can store up to two charges, and can also be used to rush to friendly targets.

Blessing of Protection: Raise your sword high into the air, gaining a temporary shield which will absorb damage equivalent to your currently lost health, for up to 5 seconds. Can be used once every 60 seconds.


Rage: Your Wound Combo causes the target to bleed for 30% of the damage dealt over 2 seconds.

Shield Spike: Your Shield Bash causes the enemy to become weakened to your sword attacks and Wound combos, taking 25% additional damage for 3 seconds.

Intimidate: After using your Sword Rush ability, gain a buff which increases your Critical Strike chance by 25% for 3 seconds.

Blessing of Might: Raise your sword high into the air, granting a boon to yourself and nearby allies which increases your damage by 10% for 5 seconds. Can be used once every 60 seconds.