Tradu Mines World Boss

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The Ancient One awakens!


The Tradu Mines World Boss, known as the Ancient One, first appeared on Friday, April 26, at 12pm CST.


The boss is awakened using four fragments that occasionally drop from each of the respective Tradu Mines keepers. Hold onto these fragments as you obtain them. For inventory space saving purposes, note that the fragments do stack on their same type.

Location and How to Summon[edit]

The Ancient One World Boss is located at the far right in Tradu Mines, past the last portal to Tradu Lab. You will see a shard podium. Drop in a fragment from each of the four Tradu Dungeons - Tradu Forest, Tradu Crypt, Tradu Skywalk and Tradu Lab - and the world boss will appear. Like the other world bosses, there is a five minute cooldown between each world boss battle.

The Ancient One in battle


Pattern of Attack[edit]

  • Creates poison pools that cannot be decursed, like the lizard in the Rainforest Dungeon.
  • When the boss is at about 75% health, he jumps to a random person and does immediate damage.
  • Immediately after the jump, he also does an AoE that the nearby party will have to jump out of.
  • His aggro will return to whomever he had aggro on before the jump.
  • He will perform the same jump routine again every 20 seconds after.
  • He will sometimes put poison stacks/reaper debuff on players that can only be removed if healed to full - decurse does not work. (This DoT will become weaker over time but will oneshot if not removed in time.)
  • He also spreads sickness that will lessen the effect of heals and cannot be removed by decurse.

Tank Team[edit]

  • Three tanks should focus on kiting the boss. When one tank's shield is broken, one of the other tanks should use their horn to draw aggro. Attacking the boss head on may be worth it, but it also makes the tanks more likely to get caught in the boss's poison pools.
  • A pair of healers should focus on healing the tanks. The pair should stay together in case one of the healers gets the reaper debuff and needs to be healed rapidly to full health to remove the curse.

Smaller DPS/Healer Squads[edit]

  • DPS and additional healers should form smaller groups, with some near the back and front to make it easier to contribute to healing the Tank Team.
  • Healers should be alert if someone in their party is stricken with the reaper debuff.
  • Healer should shoot the shield on their party before the boss jumps - so at around 75% and every 20 seconds after.
  • Be aware that larger groups are at a higher risk to be targeted with AoE - due simply to odds because of the higher number of people in the group - and may end up dying quicker because of the high frequency of attack.

Most Common Mistakes[edit]

  • Stepping in poison pools.
  • Failing to quickly be healed through the reaper debuff.


Cape of the Long Sleep[edit]

Signet of Chaos[edit]

+60 Wisdom, +60 Vitality

Essa Warped Ring[edit]

+30 Crit, +60 Vitality


NOTE: Drops are not guaranteed, and sometimes this world boss will drop nothing. Blame RNGesus.