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When entering Tradu Mines' portal area, Tradu Lab is the last on the right.

Mini-Boss: Sentry[edit]

How to Locate and Approach[edit]

From the initial portal, head to the left. Kill the mobs until you get to a T with split pathways. Going straight forward will lead you to a dead end, so take the entrance to the left into the hallway with aberrations. Kill the mobs near the turrets and the turrets themselves. Depending on the positioning of the other mobs and the dungeon shard modifier, you may be able to not fight all of the monsters by keeping as far left as possible. Proceed forward into the room with the big purple orb. Note that the purple on the ground around the orb is poisonous and will kill players (but does not do anything to killable monsters or the boss).

Boss Mechanics[edit]

The sentry is a modified tank and spank fight with a tank buster attack and AOE sequence thrown in. Essentially the boss will go through its initial attack sequence on the main tank. After that, the boss will target a random party member (who is not the tank), and lock on to them for 1 round of attack sequences. This is not an agro dump, but a targeted mechanic. The targeted party member should stand still and let the tank hold up their shield in front of the party member to block the tank buster damage. Not blocking the tank buster damage for a party member will cause that party members death. After the targeted sequence AOE, the tank will return to whomever has the highest threat at the time (99.999% of the time this is the tank).

Boss Attack sequence[edit]

  • 3x Regular Attacks
  • Tank Buster
  • AOE
  • Change Phase

Roles by Class[edit]

  • Tank: Hold aggro and hold Sentry in place. During Sentry's AOE all party members should dodge the telegraph. Failing to do so will likely lead to the death of any party member stuck inside the AOE. Tank should continuously provoke heal except to block the tank buster. Tank needs to call out if their shield is broken during the tank buster so the healer can use a shield orb on them and the other party members (depending on the phase of the fight).
  Shield Placement: Keeping base of big shield above your chin and below your forehead. Lean back if needed to shield from the tank buster.
  Shield Bash timing: Best timing for shield bash is right after AOE as you dash into the boss from protecting your party members.

  • Healer: Heal Tank with renew and cure. Throw a weakness orb on boss every once in a while, and use shield orb when needed.
  • DPS: Once Tank secures aggro, begin attacking Sentry. If you are being attacked by the boss during his second sequence then call out your in-game name so the tank can protect you from death by tank buster.


Obviously the tank will be with the boss. The rest of the party should fan out away from the boss, but no so far that the tank can't get to them when the boss targets one one of them for its 2nd phase attack sequence.
Sentry strat1.png

Boss: Mistkeeper[edit]

Mistkeeper and two of three orbs

How to Locate and Approach[edit]

From the initial portal, head to the right. Kill turrets and mobs. When you finally enter a room with shelving, you should be able to see Mistkeeper in the back. Hug the right wall and you will likely avoid aggro-ing mobs, but more importantly, aggro-ing Mistkeeper. Setup one DPS and/or the healer below each of the three red orbs located in the back of the room. Feel free to try shooting the red orbs before aggro-ing Mistkeeper.

Boss Mechanics[edit]

Mistkeeper, as its name implies, lets out a mist that represents its current attack style. Yellow Mist comes first, Green Mist comes second and Red Mist comes third. The boss also has his own AoE attack with a smaller perimeter.

Boss Attack sequence[edit]

  • 4 x normal attacks (recommend provoke healing)
  • 1 x AOE Strong Magic Type (Recommend taking the hit and provoke healing through it, shield bash immediately after to continue to provoke heal)
  • 1 x normal attack (recommend blocking unless shield is low)
  • 1 x Tank Buster (recommend blocking)

Sequence repeats

Roles by Class[edit]

  • Tank: Hold aggro and hold Mistkeeper in place. During Mist Keeper's own AoE, Tank should continuously provoke heal except to block the two attacks (normal and Tank buster) after AOE. With magical defense it is not necessary to dodge AOE below level 7 shards. You should not count on healer all of the time given that the healer is working to keep everyone alive. Always call out if you break your shield at the wrong time so that hopefully someone can shield you.
  Shield Placement: Keeping base of big shield above your chin and below your forehead. You must stand fairly far away and a stand that positions your sword close to Mist Keeper while keeping your shield far away is advised so you can provoke heal continuously. Only block normal hit and tank buster right after AOE or you will not have your shield for next Tank Buster when it breaks.
  Shield Bash timing: Best timing for shield bash is right after AOE before tank buster. This allows you to provoke heal some of the damage you have taken from the AOE.

  • Healer: Heal Tank and, during the Green Mist, all other members. Healer must heal the Tank through Mistkeeper's AoE attack, but keep enough distance to not get caught in it themselves. Typically, the Healer will be positioned under the center orb at the back of the room so it is easy for other members to group to them.
  • DPS: Once Tank secures aggro, begin attacking Mistkeeper. During Yellow Mist, stay far apart from other members. During Green Mist, group up with the Healer. During Red Mist, attack the red orbs and cause them to turn blue. In terms of positioning, position yourself under the left or right orbs so you can ensure you have a clear and easy shot when the Red Mist phase comes. Finally, be sure to keep enough distance from Mistkeeper's own AoE attack.

Yellow Mist[edit]

This mist causes damage to players who are too grouped together. If two or more players are close, they will start to see their health bar decrease. To stop this, simply separate yourselves.

Grouping during the Green Mist phase

Mist Keeper strat1.png

Green Mist[edit]

This mist causes damage to players who are not grouped together - the exact opposite of Yellow Mist. All except the Tank should group up with the Healer, and the Healer should drop a Lifewell to heal the team through any damage.

Mist Keeper strat2.png

Red Mist[edit]

This mist causes damage if the three red orbs stay red for too long. A single hit will turn each orb blue momentarily. All orbs must be blue at the same time for them to stay blue through this rotation and stop any red mist damage. As mentioned above, practice shooting the orbs before starting the boss battle.

  • Ranger: Use a poison arrow. The ongoing damage from the poison will keep the orb blue for a longer period than a normal arrow shot.
  • Musketeer: If you have a poison orb equipped, use that. Otherwise, lock onto an orb and your consistent shooting will keep the orb blue.
  • Mage: Use Affliction (or Frostbolt 2/3 if you have the True Affliction ability). Like poison, the ongoing DoT will keep the orb blue. Skilled mages may be able to spread the DoT to the other orbs using Arcane Missile if they have the True Affliction ability.

Mist Keeper strat3.png