Tradu Forest

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When entering Tradu Mines' portal area, Tradu Forest is the first tube.

Mini-Boss: Shroom[edit]

Boss: Tank Keeper[edit]


Preferred Armor and Weapons[edit]

  • All Classes - Physical defense Armor, Unbending weapons
  • DPS - Wisdom rings
  • Musketeer - Orbs: Shield, Cure Wounds, Renew, and Lifewell.
  • Tank - Vitality and Wisdom buffs/potions/rings

Necessary Skills[edit]

  • Tank: Hamstring Combo
  • DPS: Frostbolt 3

How to Locate and Approach[edit]

From the initial portal, head to the left. Kill or walk by the Shroom Mini-Boss. Kill turrets and mobs and go through the tube. You will encounter two turrets at the end of the tube, more mobs and, likely, a Leshak aberration. When you finally see wide open space with three tall, narrow vials filled with purple liquid around a wide circle area, you're there.

Boss Mechanics[edit]

Tank Keeper relies on those three large vials as part of its battle mechanics. At 75%, 50% and 25% health, it will drink at the vials to heal its health and get powered up. While the Tank Keeper is drinking from a vial, the vial has its own health bar. If the vial is not destroyed quickly, the tank keeper will gain 3 procs of additional power and fully heal its health.

The boss' pattern is to attack the Tank, eventually do a medium-sized AoE and then continue chasing the Tank. When the boss catches the Tank after its AoE, the boss will almost immediately leap to another team member and attack them. It is the Healer's role to keep that new target alive during the attack and for the Tank to regain aggro.

After three rounds of the Tank Keeper at the large vials, he can brought down to zero health and defeated. The rotation does not begin again if one or more of the vials were never destroyed.

Boss Attack sequence[edit]

  • 4 x normal attacks
  • 1 x AOE Strong Magic Type (Must be dodged)
  • 1 x attacks
  • Aggro table dump
  • 1 x jump attack to random player
  • 1 x Tank Buster

Sequence repeats

After jump a horn blow or multiple provokes are required to pull aggro off of the player jumped to. jumping quickly to the boss with an immediate shield bash and horn blow can prevent the victim of jump attack from taking tank buster to the face.

Roles by Class[edit]

  • Tank: As always, Tank will begin by soloing a bit to draw aggro (Absolutely no DPS should occur during this timeframe). Tank will then kite the Tank Keeper around the battle area while DPS whittles down the Tank Keeper's health. The Tank must be ready to jump, shield bash and blow horn after the Tank Keeper jumps to the DPS/Healer group to use pull aggro off the DPS or Healer the Tank Keeper chose to attack. The Tank should practice the Hamstring combo, which they will apply when they regain aggro before kiting, and - if they're quick enough - just before the AoE launches. If the Tank fails to kite the Tank Keeper long enough, they will not have a horn available in time and can only hope to continue by using shield bash and rapid provokes. Using the horn too late can further aggravate timing issues since the boss' sequence starts over immediately after jump.
  Blessing of Might If you have it always raise your sword up high when the team is attacking the tanks.
  Shield Placement: Keeping base of big shield under your chin, and slightly away from torso generally catches all attacks from the Tank Keeper.
  • Healer: The following orbs should be equipped - Shield, Cure Wounds, Renew and Lifewell. If the team is extremely confident that no one will die, Lifewell could be the first orb replaced with a Weakness orb, which is particularly useful when destroying the tall vials. The Healer's role is to heal the Tank and protect the DPS. The Healer should place their turret (with healing on) in the center of the battle area (or closer to the Tank as the team battle begins to move). The Healer will watch closely for the moments the boss will jump to the DPS. As mentioned before, this happens after the AoE when the boss catches up to the Tank. In preparation for the boss' jump, the Healer should call the DPS team over to them and have them stand close. When the boss jumps, the Healer should immediately use the Shield, Cure Wounds, and Renew orbs on the entire group. Like the DPS, the Healer should call out if they are the ones the boss has aggro'd to after his jump.
  • DPS: The DPS should have rings equipped that increase Wisdom and come into the battle with their Ultimate bar relatively filled. After the Tank has sufficiently drawn the boss' aggro, a Mage should hit the boss with Frostbolt 3 to keep it slowed and continue to do so when it wears off. If the Mage is unable to perform Frostbolt 3, they should perform Frostbolt 2 - but the boss will move significantly faster. If a Frostbolt 3 is performed, DO NOT hit the boss with a Frostbolt 2 or 1 - the lesser Frostbolts will overwrite the Frostbolt 3. The DPS should wear down the boss while the Tank kites and when it looks like the boss is catching up to the Tank, group on the Healer in preparation for the boss' jump. The DPS should let the team know if they are the one being aggro'd on by the boss. After the Tank regains aggro, the DPS should move back to avoid the boss' AoE which follows. The DPS should save all ultimates until the boss is at a vial and unleash all ultimates on the vial to destroy it as quickly as possible. After the third vial sequence, all ultimates can be used on the boss itself.