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The Super Friends[edit]

The Super Friends are unequivocally the most Super of all of the Fellowships on Orbus VR!

Joining the Super Friends Fellowship[edit]

Think you would make a fabulous Super Friend? Want to play with the most awesome people in the world in one of the most awesome VR games in the world?

All Super Friends must do the following two things in order to join one of our in game fellowships:

  • Join our Discord >>Super Friends Community on Discord<< (Anyone is welcome to join FYI)
  • Pass the Test of Friendliness
  • FYI We do not have a minimum level, or a particular VR game title requirement (though most of us play Orbus VR).

Key Tenants of The Super Friends[edit]

Welcome to the Super Friends! We are quite honestly the most super fellowship in all of Orbus VR... if you are not so serious.

Here are the key tenants of the Super Friends:

1. Don't be too Serious[edit]

Life is hard already, the Super Friends are all about super fun! Now that doesn't mean we can't be some of the best and most skilled player's in the game, but it does mean that we understand that each player will have their own level of skill and available time to play, and that we should respect that.

2. Have Fun![edit]

If you start feeling too serious, refer to tenant #1. This is a game after all.

3. Don't be a Douche[edit]

Super Friends are super friendly to those who they play with and around, often to the point where it makes people a little uncomfortable. That's okay though, as long we aren't making someone's day less super.

In a game so heavily skill based it can become frustrating when you aren't able to do something you feel you should. In a game where success regularly depends on other players who may be struggling with the same issues themselves it is critical to remember to be respectful and kind. Often other players are going out of their way to help you achieve your goals in game instead of their own, don't ever lose sight of that while playing.

4. The Super Friends Share Everything they Know[edit]

We believe that spreading false information and keeping secrets from players about core game mechanics makes the game less fun for casual fun loving people who don't have time to dedicate hundreds of hours to gaming. We also don't believe in arbitrary unspoken rules and in the value of free and honest sharing.

As such, the Super Friends strive to seek out and share hidden knowledge with the world. As we discover things, we will do our best to share them openly in Discord and on this Wiki.

Super Friends Code of Conduct[edit]

Basically refer to the Tenants of the Super friends, and focus on the not being a douche part.

Last note: There are people of varying ages, genders, and nationalities in our group. As such, it would be super if everyone could respect each other, especially if you are ever told you have made someone uncomfortable.

Keep it super folks!

Super Friends Ranks[edit]

The Super Friends ever growing community is largely self managing and organizing while naturally showing deference to Gandora the King of Friendliness. If anything our group is a Democratic Republic of stupendous silliness. As such our group has a huge amount of autonomy when it comes to events, policies, and overall direction chosen by the rank of Knight of Friendliness and above.

Peasant of Friendliness[edit]

The Peasant of Friendliness is any member of our community that has not chosen to officially join the Super Friends. Anyone expressing an interest in joining the Super Friends need only express their desire to become a Peasant of Friendliness.

As the Super Friends we have no rules against playing with members of other factions, and we share our knowledge openly with the community. There are many Peasant's of Friendliness who are respected and awesome members of the community.

Each may be considering officially joining, and should be treated with respect just as you would treat any member of the fellowship.

The Super Friends, however, do reserve the right to strip a Peasant of Friendliness of their rank if they are unable to follow the code of conduct while playing and interacting with the Super Friends.

Squire of Friendliness[edit]

Anyone expressing an interest in joining the Super Friends need only express their desire to become a Squire of Friendliness.

The Super Friends reserve the right to remove this privilege for those who fail to follow the Tenants of the Super Friends (particularly Tenet 3).

Citizen of Friendliness[edit]

This is the rank acquired upon passing the Test of Friendliness, and is offered to those who show true adherence to the values of a Super Friend. A Citizen of Friendliness begins his/her training for Knighthood at this stage and is being groomed for the increased responsibility of Knighthood. Citizens have additional rights in Discord as well.

Knight of Friendliness[edit]

Upon being Knighted you will have more discord privileges, have access to private channels, and equal voting rights on Super Friends decisions. You will also be able to perform "The Test of Friendliness" without supervision, and eligible for consideration as an Earl of Friendliness.

Earl of Friendliness[edit]

An Earl of Friendliness is chosen because they have shown a desire and willingness to lead in the Fellowship. Earls much like Dukes have additional expectations as members holding the earliest leadership rank in the Fellowship.

An Earl is usually an expert and a teacher who shares his knowledge and skills with the community. An Earl may be put in charge of any number of activities and is gnerally expected to be a more active member of the group.

This rank can be removed in cases where a member can no longer participate in their leadership activities and is automatically reduced to Knight after 6 months of not actively playing or participating.

Duke or Duchess of Friendliness[edit]

Dukes and Duchesses have admin privileges and major controlling interest in the direction and maintenance of our growing guild. They also are next in line for King and Queen duties in the absence of the King of Friendliness and have the privilege and honor of creating sub fellowships as we grow.

A Duke or Duchess has additional expectations over the lower ranks of the Fellowship, and is expected to not have any conflicts of interest with Fellowship activities. A Duke or Duchess represents the highest of the Super Friends in all things that they do (in game) and provides guidance to members above and below their station.

This rank can be removed in cases where a member can no longer participate in managing the Fellowship and is automatically reduced to Knight after 6 months of not actively playing or participating.

King of Friendliness[edit]

The King of Friendliness is Gandora at the moment and has the highest level of admin rights on sites, Discord, and fellowships in game. Naturally, he is tasked with being an example of Friendliness to all.

Despite having the authority to over-rule decisions similar to Veto rights, the King/Queen of Friendliness should always act in the best interest of the Fellowship, even if those interests don't always line up with their personal interests in game. Together the Dukes, Duchesses, and King/Queen of Friendliness should strive to ensure that the fellowship remains the safe haven it was meant to be for its players to learn, grow, and share the joys of playing with each other and any others who wish to learn.

Super Friends Ceremonies and Rituals[edit]

NOTE: None of our rituals or ceremonies are serious, or rigorously enforced. We do them because they are a bit silly, and make us happy. If they don't make you happy you won't be required to participate, but don't be a sour puss about it :D.

The Official Greeting and Farewell[edit]

The official Super Friends greeting and farewell is casting fireworks in a huddle, counting to 3, and shouting "Super Friends!!!" while your fireworks go high into the sky. Sometimes we attempt to draw something with the fireworks but are rarely successful. In situations where the official greeting is not possible, any over-excited and loud greeting will do just fine.

The Test of Friendliness[edit]

This test is both for us, and for you. It will push you to your limits, or you won't even notice it's happening, but either way in the end you will know if you are a Super Friend without anyone having to tell you.

The Knighting Ceremony[edit]

For all Super Friends officially joining one of the Super Friends Fellowships in game there is a Knighting Ceremony. If you haven't had yours, be sure to ask for one.

The Earl's Endeavor[edit]

The Earl is one who is to be an advanced gamer with prowess. The Earl's Endeavor is meant to test that by accomplishing a difficult feat while maintaining chillness and showing skill.

The Duke's Trial[edit]

The promotion of a Knight to Duke is a momentous occasion. Only the greatest, most friendliest, and best of the best are selected to become a Duke of Friendliness. As such it is the responsibility of the Duke to be to decide what their trial should be, as they are clearly the most qualified to determine it.

All trials are carried out with as many witnesses as possible, and most Duke's Trials have historically involved long nights and alcohol (not a requirement, but a statement of historical fact).

The Super Friends Mascot[edit]

The Super Friends Mascot Sophos the Sheep is a very very Dead Sheep. He represents the sweet freedom from the traditional shackles and suffering that the Super Friends provide. A true hero of the People Sophos died so that the Super Friends might live on into eternity.