Shard Dungeons

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A shard dungeon is a version of a normal dungeon with increased difficulty. It is recommended for Level 20 players.

To Obtain a Shard and Activate a Shard Dungeon

First, a shard is required. A shard can be acquired by defeating a mini-boss or boss in a dungeon in Tradu Mines. A random level 1 shard will be awarded to every party member who does not already have a shard in their inventory. To use the shard, go to the dungeon the shard is for, equip the shard to your belt, and drop the shard into the metal podium near the dungeon's entrance. At this point, the entire dungeon will reset and every member will be warped to a space near the beginning of the dungeon.


The second the shard is placed in the podium, a 30 minute timer begins. The party must defeat all bosses in the dungeon (except for in the Rainforest dungeon, where the party must only kill 2 out of 3 bosses). The party must also defeat "100%" of enemy mobs (though this does not necessarily mean every enemy mob must be killed - it's still sort of random how many mobs you can leave behind).

If the dungeon is beaten within 30 minutes, whoever provided the shard will obtain a shard of the next level for a random dungeon. If it is not, the shard will lose 2 levels, or be erased completely if the shard dungeon was Level 2 or below. Shard dungeons go up to level 10.


Enemies in a shard dungeon will be affected by at least one of the following modifiers. The modifier is identified in the shard's description, so review it before starting the run.

Minor Mutations

These are unique to the shard. A level 1 shard and above will have a single minor mutation. Level 6(?) and above will have two.

  • Aggressive: Enemy basic attacks happen 25% faster. (Currently Disabled in Game)
  • Mobile: Enemy movement speed is increased by 100%.
  • Alert: The aggro radius of all monsters is doubled.
  • Indecisive: Threat generating skills are not as effective (harder to keep aggro).
  • Dumbfounded: Slower ultimate generation.
  • Unprepared: Your first attack in combat does increased damage (About 25% damage increase in shards), but your subsequent attacks against them are reduced (About 10% damage decrease in shards, YES also for bosses).
  • Thick Skinned: Mobs have additional resistance to Physical damage. (e.g. Normal musky shots, normal warrior swings, normal arrows)(About 1.4% damage decrease in shards)
  • Strong Willed: Mobs have additional resistance to Magical damage. (e.g. poison arrow, poison orb, all mage spells) (About 1.4% damage decrease in shards)

Major Mutations

Two of these are randomly assigned each week by the devs. A level 3 shard and above will have a single major mutation. Level 6(?) and above will have two.

  • Vindictive: Enemies will give a buff to nearby allies on death, increasing their damage done by 10% (stacks up to 5 times).
  • Spores: When an enemy is engaged in combat, it will randomly spawn an exploding mushroom nearby which must be killed quickly, or risk exploding in a large area, poisoning nearby players.
  • Unstable: Enemies will explode on death, dealing damage to nearby creatures and players.
  • Sickness: There is a chance every time that you attack an enemy to receive a debuff which causes you to receive reduced healing. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Last Stand: When enemies reach 30% health they enrage, dealing 100% additional damage on all attacks
  • Discontent : When enemies die they leave behind a pool that deals damage to all players that step into it, which disappears after a bit.
  • Power Strikes:

Level 10 Shard Mutation

Only on level 10 shards.

  • Reincarnation: Killed enemies have a small chance of immediately resurrecting.