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The Shaman class is a pure DPS class. They have cloth armor like the runemage, have no way to heal themselves and need to fight close to their enemies so it is very easy to die as a shaman. Their DPS potential is a lot greater than ranger or scoundrel but not as much as runemages.

Shamans fight by placing totems around them. These totems can either have an area of effect or can generate orbs to throw at enemies. There are two ways to throw orbs: motioning as if you were throwing a ball and releasing the grip button, or by keeping your hand still with the palm facing the enemy, releasing the grip button in that position will send the orb flying forward.

The Super Ability of the Shaman summons a spectral wolf which fights with you for a short time. It looks like a runic warg from OG Orbus.


Fireball (O) Creates fire orbs, deal high damage to a single target.

Lightning (O) Creates lightning orbs, damage arcs between multiple targets.

Stun (O) Creates orbs that can stun a single target. This is an interrupt.

Lava (AoE) Pulsates damaging waves around it and causes foes to receive increased damage.

Frost (AoE) Pulsates damaging waves around it and slows foes.

Hex (AoE) Transforms enemies around it into frogs, temporarily rendering them harmless.


Level 5[edit]


Your stun last for less time, but does increased damage.

Stay Put[edit]

Double the duration of your stun.

Level 10[edit]

Fire Consumes[edit]

Fireball will apply a DoT to weakened enemies.

Blazing Speed[edit]

The Shaman's base speed is increased at all times.

Level 15[edit]


You can grab orbs off a totem from a small distance away.


Totems last longer before disappearing.

Level 20[edit]

Strikes Twice[edit]

When your lightning orb crits it instantly respawns on your totem.

Totemic Call[edit]

Once every 10 seconds you can point to a placed totem and teleport to it. If you teleport at least 4 meters, for a short period after teleporting all your damage is increased.

Level 30[edit]

All In[edit]

The first orb generated by a totem is guaranteed to crit.

Totemic Mastery[edit]

If you miss with a thrown orb it instantly respawns.