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Mutated Rat[edit]


Along with the normal melee attacks, this boss will also enrage if it's ability is not interrupted. Every so often, a sewer rat is spawned on either the right or the left side which will then run to the lever near the platform that the boss is on and if the rat reaches the lever it will poison the entire area; leading to your quick demise.

Adds - Sewer Rat[edit]

The sewer rats that spawn have one goal - to pull the poison lever. Burn them down before they reach it or you will have a big problem on your hands.


Shard party makeup: 1 tank, 1 healer

Have the tank and the healer stand on the platform with the boss. Spread out your DPS along the back wall with the best DPS in the middle. Continuously attack the boss until a sewer rat spawns at which point your DPS will kill it as fast as possible so it doesn't reach the poison lever. DPS need to make sure they call it out when a sewer rat spawns on their side so that the others can help.

Sewer Slime[edit]


This boss has an ever-changing aggro table, no one is safe from its attention so keep your distance as one punch will knock you out. As the Slime chases you around the arena, it will pause every now and then to either launch of a seeking-projectile or initiate multiple AoE pools. The seeking-projectile can be interrupted but if it gets let off then be sure to dodge it at the last second as it will follow you if you jump too soon.

Adds - Sewer Rat[edit]

A couple of minutes into the fight two sewer rats will spawn in having random aggro. The tank will need to immediately draw aggro to keep the rest of the team alive. If killed, another set of rats will spawn in.


Shard party makeup: 1 tank, 1 healer (though if the adds get glitched out of bounds the tank can change to a DPS class)

Currently, there are some decent tactics that make this boss very easy to kill. The only real way to defeat the Slime is to pour water on its head using the levers to dump the buckets. These buckets have a cooldown period so you can't just camp at one spot, you need to do your rounds. Everyone will need to stay together as a group so if the boss' aggro changes, it won't derail your attempt at leading it to a bucket. Dumping a bucket on the slime will stop it from constantly healing and will slow it down.

Here is the best order of how to fight the Slime:
- Pull the slime to the first bucket and dump it.
- Pull the slime to the bucket to the right and dump it.
- Pull the slime to the far right corner bucket and dump it. At this point, sewer rats will spawn in and the tank will need to first aggro them and then leash them so they don't affect you the rest of the fight.
- Pull the slime to the far left corner bucket and dump it.
- Continue to only use the front left, front right and far left buckets because if someone gets too close to the sewer rats in the far right corner then they will aggro again and cause a fuss.
- All the while continue to DPS, dodge the AoE's and green bullets and you'll do fine.


The trash monster specialty in sewer is the Sewer Rat. They have an absurd amount of defense and can hit very hard. If they are aggroed on anyone other than the tank, you might have a problem.

Dragon Racing[edit]

The Sewer has the ??? dragon race.