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The Scoundrel is a DPS class, using pistols to be a gunslinger. It has decent armor and a healing ability with high burst damage making it a great PvP class. It's DPS potential is slightly lower than Ranger and a lot lower than Shaman since Scoundrel has more defensive characteristics.

The Scoundrel uses cards grabbed from a deck to empower its shots. The deck contains six cards, each of which when used grant a buff to the Scoundrel, or a debuff to the enemy. Simply grab a card and release it to apply it to the next shot. They are not triggered until a shot connects, so missed shots will not use up the card. If another card is selected and released before a card is used it will replace it. A card can also be "burned" by pressing the trigger of the hand holding the card. This will empower the next card you draw.

You can charge your gun by holding the trigger which will load 3 bullets (or 4 with a talent) into the chamber. The gun will glow purple once it's fully loaded. The number of bullets in the chamber multiplies the amount of damage that the shot does. This charged shot also acts as the Scoundrel's interrupt ability.

The Super Ability of the Scoundrel lasts for six seconds, gains 25% increased damage and all shots automatically find the closest target, no matter what direction you shoot or if you've aggroed them.

Gun Slinging[edit]

Gun slinging is a very important part of the Scoundrel's rotation. To perform the Show Off ability, 'sling' your arm in the direction you want the shot to go while you release the trigger. Each slung shot will be ranked from 1-5 or I, II, III, IV, V (they use Roman numerals in game). The rank of your shot will depend on the amount of curve in the shot and how far away from the target that you are. This shot will apply a debuff to the target that looks like a 5 card hand. The debuff will decrease the target's defense allowing your entire party to do more DPS.


Each card has a specific ability and also an empowering ability. Learn these to know when you should use or burn a card to maximize your potential.

Basic Effects[edit]

Vines (Green with vines on it) Your next shot deals damage over time (10 seconds).
Ice (Blue) Your next shot slows the target.
Flame (Red flame) Your next shot deals greatly increased damage.
Light (Green with a black triangle in the middle) Your next shot heals yourself for the damage done to the target.
Flint (Greyish metal on a wooden background) Your next shot weakens the target's defense (10 seconds).
Ash (Looks like flame but with black veins through it) Your next shot has an increased critical strike chance.


Instead of releasing a card to apply it to your next shot, you can use the trigger to 'burn' the card. This will empower the next card used. It also applies to a card already active that has not been shot. If an empowered effect is active but not used when a new card is burned, it will be replaced by the new burned card.

Vines & Ice (Blue) Increased potency of damage card.
Flame & Light (Purple) Spreads debuffs to nearby enemies.
Flint & Ash (Orange) Places a copy of the card back into the deck

Card Combos[edit]

Different combinations of burnt and active cards

Blue Vines 12 second poison DOT
Blue Flame Higher damage shot
Blue Flint 12 sec defense debuff
Blue Ice 12 sec speed debuff
Purple Vines Spread 5 second DOT
Purple Ice Spread 5 second slow debuff
Purple Flint Spread 5 second defense debuff


Level 5[edit]

Full Chamber - Recommended[edit]

When firing a bullet from a fully-loaded gun, your shot has a 10% additional chance to critically strike.

Slow Burn[edit]

Your card buffs last for an additional 2 seconds.

Level 10[edit]

Stack the Deck[edit]

Your card deck now contains seven cards, two of which are the Card of Flames.

Quick Draw - Recommended[edit]

Your card deck regenerates 10% more quickly.

Level 15[edit]

On the Line - Recommended[edit]

Your damage buff from Level 3 and higher ranks of Showin' Off is increased by 25%, while your damage from Rank 2 and lower is decreased by 25%.

Easy Mode[edit]

All Rank 1 Showin' Off shots are upgraded to Rank 2 regardless of distance or curve.

Level 20[edit]

One Basket[edit]

Your gun can now charge up to 4 bullets at a time.

Break Shot - Recommended[edit]

Shooting a 3-bullet charged shot now applies the Break Armor debuff to the target, increasing incoming damage from all sources by 5%.

Level 30[edit]

True Gambler - Recommended[edit]

Your critical hits add a buff to yourself which increases your critical strike chance by 10%, but increases incoming damage to you by 10% as well. Stacks up to 5 times.

Guaranteed Win[edit]

Every 6th shot is a guaranteed critical strike.