Ranger Class

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Bow Indicators[edit]

Ranger Bow with a focus on its HUD

Precision and Rapidity Indication[edit]

On the left hand side of your health bar is a indicator which gives you information on your shooting. For precision this bar gives you your timing to release the arrow to get the bonus damage. If the arrow is released right before the bar reaches the top then it will give a 330% boost in damage. For rapidity this bar indicates how fast you have been shooting arrows and the faster you shoot the higher up the bar will go and will give you up to a 110% damage boost.


Above your stamina bar are two squares that indicate if your ability is ready and also time remaining in cooldown. The top square is the charged shot ability which activates when you hold your drawn arrow for 1-2 seconds (depending on if you have Rapid Charge talent) and your shot has greatly increased damage and also applies hunter's mark to your target and slow if you have the Arrow Sight talent. The bottom square is the trap ability. You can deploy a trap by grabbing the spiky circular object near your right shoulder and throwing it on the ground. You want to place the trap in the path of mobs so that when they step on it they are damaged and held until they either take damage or a timer runs out. This is a useful tactic for kiting mobs when you are soloing. The trap does not work in PvP or on Aberration mobs. After you use these abilities the square becomes dull and dark and there is a cooldown timer which you can see by the square slowly being filled in a clockwise direction. Once the whole square is full and no longer dark the ability can be used again.


While holding the bow, you will see up to six empty globes on the right hand side of the bow. As you fire on enemies from a distance, those globes will begin to fill. More specifically, a globe is filled every time you hit a target from at least 15m. The distance that you need to be from the target to generate an orb will depend on what type of enemy it is. Each globe increases your damage by 7%. Your globes will decrease over time and they will decrease faster if you miss a shot.

Shot Information[edit]

Below the orbs will show shot indication for a short time after you hit an enemy. The left digit shows either S/M/L for the size of mob you hit. The right number shows the distance from you to the mob that you hit. The bottom number shows the "Shot Score" and doesn't correlate with damage done but does determine when you generate a globe or how many globes you generate.


Snipe Shot[edit]

Precision: Unlocks the Precision Shot Indicator, which allows you to do increased damage with precise timing and careful aim.

Improved Charge: Your Charged Shot applies a 2-second, 35% Slow effect to the target.

Arrow Sight: The trails of your arrows last much longer than usual, and shots from 40 meters or greater gain a 10% damage boost.

Globe Master: Gain an additional 6th Shot Globe, and you can generate up to 3 globes at once for highly-rated shots from long distances.

Precision Effect: rewards you for precise timing and firing one arrow per second. If you fire the arrow at the right time, you will deal up to 330% base damage.

Quick Shot[edit]

Rapidity: Unlocks the Rapid Shot Indicator, which gives additional bonus damage as long as you are firing shots very quickly without pause.

Rapid Charge: Your Charged Shot charges in 1 second instead of 2 seconds.

Multishot: Every time you fire an arrow, you have a 10% chance to fire an additional basic arrow.

Overcharge: When you do a Charged Shot, gain an additional damage boost of 15% for each Shot Globe currently filled, using up the globes in the process.

Rapidity Effect: rewards you for quickly firing arrows without pause, granting up to 110% damage for each arrow fired.