Rainforest Dungeon

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Rainforest dungeon entrance.jpg

This dungeon used to be designed for a 5 person team of level 13 members; one tank, one healer and three dps. But as of 2018 they changed the dungeon to be 'scaled' which means that anybody who enters the dungeon will have the mobs change difficulty to be their level. Eg. a level 5 warrior can join a group of level 13 members and to the level 5 warrior, each mob will seem like level 5 and at the same time the mobs will seem like level 13 to the level 13 members. It is still easier to defeat the dungeons at a higher level because of the talent system.

This dungeon is found beyond a thick forest of trees off the path between New Kingsport and Mountain Crest.
Rainforest dungeon path to entrance.jpg

Shitty Map
Shittymap rain dun.png Rainforest dungeon Inside Dungeon.jpg
Note: This dungeon looks larger on the inside than it actually is.

Rainforest Mobs
1. Truffle Hog
2. Spiders
3. Venom Spiders
4. Little Rock Men that Heal
5. Runic Valusia
6. Valusia Warriors? (big ones)
7. Valusia Soldiers
8. Bees
9. Tigers

Rainforest Bosses
Poison Dragon
Mostly tank and spank with some movement. Boss occasionally throws a pink poison spot under the tank. Tank will have to move out of the poison to survive. Other than that, avoid the frontal AOE blast. GG
Rainforest dungeon Poison Dragon1.jpg Rainforest dungeon Poison Dragon2.jpg Rainforest dungeon Poison Dragon3.jpg

Shuggai (Plant Boss)
Initiate combat with ranged hitting the main boss. Boss will spawn roots and seeds on the ground. Kill the seeds before they spawn Shugai Sprigs. When all the roots are dead, boss will open its mouth making it vulnerable to damage. DPS boss until he closes mouth, rinse repeat.
Rainforest dungeon Shuggai 1.jpg Rainforest dungeon Shuggai2.jpg Rainforest dungeon Shuggai 3.jpg

Yelbeghen (Dino Boss)
Mostly tank and spank with adds that spawn and go after your healer. Kill the adds, tank and DPS boss, and avoid frontal AOE blast.
Rainforest dungeon yelbeghen.jpg Rainforest dungeon yelbeghen glitch.jpg
Note: There is a known glitch were you get trapped in Yelbeghen's area after combat is over. Simply port to the graveyard or use your teleport device to exit the area.