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Raids are run in groups of ten. For Normal Mode, either gather a group of ten and Enter Raid or join the raid queue to play with randos. For Hard Mode, enter through the Guild City gate at the back of Highsteppe beside the Knight. The raid mechanics are similar to OG Orbus in that there are 5 unique bosses each with complicated and challenging mechanics which will test your group's skills and coordination.

Currently, both Normal Mode and Hard Mode raids are available with future raids planned.

The difficulty of Normal Mode raids is similar to low level shards and drops +2 level Epic gear, which can be traded among raiders prior to leaving the raid. Mechanics are more forgivable in Normal Mode and it is possible to recover from making a mistake.

The difficulty of Hard Mode raids is similar to Expert mode raids from OG Orbus. It requires meticulous attention to detail of the mechanics and is nearly impossible to recover from a mistake (unless EVERYONE has unbending).

Clockwork Hunter (Boss 1)[edit]

Raid Boss1.gif


Along with the normal melee attacks on the tank, the boss will charge up a lightning strike which when released will damage the entire party. You can prevent this attack by doing major damage to the boss while he is charging this attack.

A Chaos Giant is spawned every so often that has an ever-growing poison pool around it. The Chaos Giant will spawn on the rear side of the boss, typically opposite the tank, and will be aggroed on the tank. It only does melee damage.


There is a constant energy stream that is directed towards the boss. If this stream is not interrupted (either by a player, turret or the chaos giant) it will power up the Lightning Strike attack of the boss, dealing large damage to the entire party. If a player is blocking the stream, they will get a debuff which will increasingly do more damage to them. It keeps stacking as long as that player is blocking the stream.


Raid makeup: 1 tank, 1 healer.

The tank will need to be on the opposite side of the boss from the DPS. This is so that when the Chaos Giant spawns the DPS will be able to easily pull aggro off the tank. One healer will need to be blocking the stream but will need two DPS players to swap in to block the stream whenever their debuff count gets to 6 as at that point they will start to take damage. DPS will need to stay in a group near the healer as the Lightning Strike attack still does some damage each time even without charging it.

Hard Mode Strat - Raid makeup: 1 tank, 1 healer.

The tank will be kiting the boss around the entire area in a circle. DPS will be spread out around the area and the healer will be following the tank. No one is to ever enter the stream or let it touch them as it will give you a dot that will kill you. The tank will put hamstring on the boss as much as possible while kiting. DPS will prioritize targets in this order:

  1. Main Boss when charging Lightning Strike
  2. Chaos Giant
  3. Main Boss attacking normally

Broken Knight (Boss 2)[edit]

Raid Boss3.gif


Along with the normal melee attacks on the tank, the boss will spawn two adds, Skav Knights, that are pretty powerful and need to be pulled off the tank. Every so often the boss will perform an Empowered Strike that needs to be interrupted or the entire party will receive a large amount of damage.


There is a 20 second cycle in this battle that needs to be paid attention to. When the boss spawns the adds, the boss will begin to glow for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds the glow will switch to the adds. If either the boss or the adds are attacked in any way (dots or normal attacks) the boss will gain a buff making it more difficult for the tank to stay alive. This buff will stack the more mistakes are made. Also if the adds are killed while they are glowing they will do a large amount of damage to the whole party.

During this same cycle one (or two) of the members in your party will begin to pulse, this does damage to that member and everyone around them. After a few seconds they will emit a large shockwave that will greatly damage anyone that it hits so you will need to jump over it.


Strat 1 - Raid party makeup: 1 tank, 1 healer (3 tanks and 3 healers if you are slower at burning the adds)

Have the tank keep the boss in the middle while two teams go on either side. Along with dpsing the boss, each group will need to pull a single add when they spawn and burn it down quickly. If you have a tank for each add then you'll need to make sure to only kill it when it's not glowing. If you have only one tank then you'll need to make sure you kill it before it starts to glow the first time otherwise your team will die quickly from their attacks.

Whenever one of your party members starts to pulse they need to separate from the group and let everyone know that they have a seismic pulse so that everyone is aware to jump over the shockwave when it comes. This is especially important for the tank to know when the shockwave comes because it might come from their backside.

Strat 2 - Raid party makeup: 2 tanks (one warrior, one paladin), 2 healers (one musky, one bard)

Have the warrior pull the boss into a corner and the DPS spread out in a quarter circle around it. The Bard will be primarily concerned with healing the main tank but also needs to have the Chorus talent to help the tanks heal themselves and the musky heal the group. The paladin should aggro the adds when they spawn and the DPS should focus on attacking and burning down only one of the adds per cycle. If you do not kill both the adds in two cycles then another group of adds will spawn and it will be nearly impossible to defeat them. Someone can count 20 seconds out so that nobody will hit a glowing add or boss because once the buff is applied it will never go away.

As with Strat 1, party members need to deal with their shockwaves properly (calling out which side you're on and jumping away from everyone else). This is currently the strat we use in Hard Mode.

Pot Tank (Boss 3)[edit]

Raid Boss2.gif


Along with the normal melee attacks on the tank, the boss will retreat into its pot and begin attacks similar to the Line Attacks from the Airship dungeon (multiple purple bolts in a straight line coming at you like a wave). If you are hit with one of these bolts, you will get a debuff which slowly increases in damage to you. Without heals, this dot will kill you(in hard mode, they will kill you, no amount of heals helps). These line attacks only come from two different directions. If the locked gate is the front, then the waves will come from either the left side or the front side.

While the boss is in the pot, and while you are dodging line attacks, blue orbs will spawn in the air similar to the dots you had to hit in Mist Keeper. These need to be shot down or they will kill the party.


While the boss is out of his pot, there are little kettles that spawn in various locations. They will run straight at the boss and if they get to the boss it will receive a permanent buff. Kill them before they get there.

The boss will place sickness onto the tank which will make it very hard to heal. For this reason, multiple tanks are needed to switch in and out.

While the boss is in the pot, he will receive no damage from your attacks. Focus on the blue orbs and dodging or jumping through the line attacks.

There are shards that are lying around the area with altars to place them in. Do not put them in until you have killed the first three bosses as it spawns an event which, when completed, will open the gate.


Strat 1 - Raid makeup: 2 tanks, 1 healer(2 healers will make the dots more survivable)

Spread out your DPS across the area, this is to help pick off the kettles when they spawn. The two tanks should keep the boss in the middle of the room so that the kettles all have equal time getting to the boss. The healer should be focused on the tanks while the boss is out of his pot and focused on healing anyone who gets a dot when it's in the pot.

Since the line attack only comes from two directions, it is easiest to see and prepare for the line attacks in the back right corner.

Strat 2 - Raid makeup: 2 tanks, 1 healer

Spread out your DPS across the area. One DPS should be dedicated to killing the kettles. The two tanks should keep the boss near the front gate so that the kettles have to run the furthest to the boss. The healer should be focused on the tanks while the boss is out of his pot and focused on healing anyone who gets a dot when it's in the pot. It's impossible in hard mode to keep someone alive if they get hit by a purple bolt.

Since the line attack only comes from two directions, it is easiest to see and prepare for the line attacks in the back right corner. But sometimes they can both come at you at the same time in the corner so staying in the middle is still best. This is the strat we use for Hard Mode.

Seamstress (Boss 4)[edit]

Raid Boss4.gif


Along with the normal melee attacks on the tank, this boss will spawn two adds which will need to be killed at the same time because otherwise they will resurrect with half health. Either once they die or a Fusion ability has been interrupted they will emit a shockwave similar to the 3rd boss which people will need to jump over.


The boss has the Fusion ability which if it is not interrupted then it will absorb the two adds and regain it's health. This interrupt requires 2 interrupt instances on normal and 4 interrupt instances on hard.

In both normal and hard mode, mistake stacks will build up on the adds. On normal this is no problem as the adds die quickly enough. On hard mode however you need to stop the stacks from occurring.

When the adds spawn for the first time one tank will need to take the yellow add away from the boss. After the tanks obtain agro on the adds the DPS will start to damage the add that is farther out. The main boss will at some point will kick. This signifies that whatever add is far away from the boss needs to pulled close to the boss and whatever add is close to the boss will need to be pulled away from the boss.


Raid party makeup: 2 tanks, 2 healers

Tank the boss and once the adds spawn each tank will need to pull the aggro of an add. The main boss will no longer attack while the adds are spawned and cannot be damaged. The DPS needs to burn down each add AT THE SAME TIME, otherwise they will resurrect with half health. There is about a 5 second grace period between the death of both before it resurrects. During this time, the main boss will be attempting to fuse with the adds, this will need two interrupts or the boss will gain back the health of the adds.

Empowered Valusia Warrior(Boss 5)[edit]

Raid Boss5.gif


Along with the normal melee attacks on the tank, a minion will randomly spawn from the boss. These adds are slow but they will one hit a DPS and they will not aggro on the tank when they spawn. The boss has a Lightning Strike ability that can be interrupted by the tank if they run to the ballista and fire a shot at the boss (ONLY THE TANK CAN FIRE THE BALLISTA). If it is not interrupted it will deal a large amount of damage to the entire party.


The ballista needs to be fired at the boss while it is charging it's Lightning Strike ability (once in Normal Mode, twice in Hard Mode). It has an orangish shield around it while charging.

Two green circles will spawn. They damage people when they are in them but the damage decreases proportional to the amount of people who are in it. If not enough damage has been absorbed by the team then the circles will burst and deal lethal damage to the whole group.


Strat 1 - Raid party makeup: 1 tank, 3 healers(best for beginner groups)

Have the tank and tank healer keep the boss close to the ballista so it will be a quick transition to interrupt the Lightning Strike. Divide the DPS and healers into two groups which will need to evenly spread out into the green circles when they spawn. If there is not an equal number of members in each group then damage will be dealt when the Lightning Strike ends. Have the healers shoot a shield orb at the ground to keep any damage off from the lightning strike as residual damage still occurs even if everyone is placed properly.

Strat 2 - Raid party makeup: 1 tank, 2 healers

Have the tank kite the boss around the room. They can sword rush to other players when in a bind. Have one DPS stationed beside the crossbow so that the tank can sword-rush back to shoot the boss when it begins it's Empowered Strike. Have the other 6 DPS and 2 healers split evenly into two groups. They will be DPSing the boss and minion and jumping into the circles when they spawn. When two circles spawn and minion will also spawn, the two groups need to divide evenly into the two circles and begin to immediately destroy the minion. If you are in the circle and your health is dangerously low, jump out. It's not worth dying in the circle, jump out and wait for a heal. The minion will target one individual and run at them, exploding on contact which will kill any DPS. So if you think it's coming towards you then kite the minion until it's dead. If you going to get hit by the minion, make sure you are not in a circle so that at least you will unbend and stay alive. If you have unbending and get hit by a minion in a circle you will still die.


Each raid boss will drop tokens specific to a piece of equipment:

Boss 1 - Raid Glove Tokens, Random glove drops.

Boss 2 - Raid Chest Tokens, Random chest drops.

Boss 3 - Raid Helm Tokens, Random helm drops.

Boss 4 - Raid Shoulder Tokens, Random shoulder drops, and in Normal Mode - Pet.

Boss 5 - Raid Weapon Tokens for, Random weapon drops (Either Legendary or Epic), and in Hard Mode - Raid Mount.

You will need 5 of each type of armor token and 8 weapon tokens to get that piece of equipment from the raid shops. Normal mode gives +2 gear and Hard mode gear level is +5.