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Grinding Guide[edit]

When it comes to the grind in Orbus, there is A LOT. You won't have your quests to provide you leveling experience if you wish to level your other classes. Below you'll find a soloing guide found on the interwebs. The key thing to remember when grinding is to focus on mobs that have the Red X marked as their difficulty, as they provide the most EXP per kill.

Level Area
1-3 Stags Outside Highsteppe
4-5 Wargs Outside the Twins
5-6 Wyverns in Burning Forest
6-8 Swine and Spiders by Cave Dungeon
8-9 Boars and bees outside New Kingsport
9-10 Spiders on Jungle Island
10-11 Lizardmen in Jungle
11-12 Jungle Boars Near Frosted Spit
12-13 Easy Desert Cactuar and Oasis Bees
13-14 Snakes North of the Desert Ruins Near the Wilds Entrance
14 Snakes and Thieves South of Main Town in Desert
15 Cactuars in Desert Ruins (harder cacti)
16-17 Lucian Plains Wargs/Vulples/Stags/etc., Frosted Spit - Deer
17-18 Frosted Spit Wildlife
18-19 Lamavora Rabbits and Spiders
19-20 Non-Elite Wilds Mobs / Worms in Desert

Powerleveling in Dungeons[edit]

Have a buddy higher level than you that can solo a dungeon? Great! Here's what ya do! Use your low level character to pull mob groups by causing damage to them, then have your friend take agro and kill all of them. You should still receive experience for all the monsters in that group. The other way to do this is to have your high level friend pull the group, and you can "tag" each monster before they die to receive experience. Higher level abilities to pull agro for all the classes are as follows:

  • Warrior - Horn/Taunt
  • Mage - Arcane Blast
  • Archer - Fire AOE Arrow
  • Musketeer - Poison Shot (Provided the group is close together)

If any mobs are not hit by the AOE, they will have to be individually damaged by your higher level friend until they are no longer interested in your low level snack of a character.

  • Levels 0-9: Wenderwood Dungeon
  • Levels 9-14: Rainforest Dungeon
  • Levels 14-17: Desert Dungeon

Leveling 17-20 is best to be done out in the world among nature!