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Potions are unlocked in the Journal via questing, but more pages will need to be found via the use of Drink of Ithecac and looking all over the world for lost journal pages. The pages will have either a purple or green highlight over them to make them easier to be found. You can still brew potions on this list without having the recipe in the book, but keep in mind having the recipe in the journal makes it much handier when you need to see what the instructions are. (Instead of removing your headset to sneak a peek at this wiki page)

For information on where to find the potion pages, check the Hidden Scroll Pages page.

Note: Some ingredients can only be found in the Wilds. For the locations of each ingredient, see the Plants/Fungi and Fish wiki pages.

Known Alchemy Recipes (Potions)[edit]

Healing Potion

A potion which heals light wounds.

  • Add 1 Queen's Ear
  • Wait for Hot (Yellow)
  • Add 1 Roto Spore and 1 Queen's Ear (add both while water is Yellow)
  • Water will go back to Cold (Blue). Add 1 Sunfish.
  • Finish immediately (while still Cold)

Concentrated Healing Potion

  • Add Sour Bells, Sour Bells when Blue
  • Add Spiralback, Spiralback, Sunfish when Turquoise
  • Add 4 Queens Ear when Green
  • Finally dip bottle when Yellow

5x Concentrated Healing Potion

  • Blue: Sour Bell x3
  • Turquoise: Spiralback x3, sunfish
  • Green: Queens Ear x4
  • Yellow: BlimpFish x2
  • Red: Finish

Fish Scent Attractor Potion

  • Add a Kingsport Apple, and 2 Reedflutes while Blue
  • Then Sunfish, Sunfish, Queen's Ear while Green
  • Add 2 Catfish while Yellow
  • Finish by dipping the bottle while Blue

Chameleon Potion

A potion which causes you to shine bright, like a beacon.

  • Add Bass, Bass
  • When red, add Reedflute, Reedflute, Reedflute
  • When green, add Roto Spore, Queen's Ear, Queen's Ear
  • Finish when yellow

Giant Potion

A potion which causes you to become very large for a short period of time.

  • Cactus, Cactus, Sydazoran
  • When green, add Chytril, Weeping Krodo
  • When red, add Catfish, Catfish
  • Finish when green

Speed Potion

A potion which greatly increases your movement speed for a short period of time.

  • Sour Bell, Sour Bell, Clownfish
  • When green, add Sunfish, Catfish, Eel
  • When turquoise, add Weeping Krodo, Sydazoran
  • Finish when yellow

Empowered Strikes Potion

A potion which increases your chances of critically striking your enemies. Lasts for 1 Hour, persists through death.

  • Sour Bell, Sour Bell, Sunfish
  • When green, add Pinecone, Pinecone, Ridgeback
  • When yellow, add Spiralback, Queen's Ear, Queen's Ear
  • Finish when blue

5x Empowered Strikes Potion

  • Blue: Sour Bells x3, sunfish
  • Green: Pinecone x2, Ridgeback x2
  • Yellow: Spiralback x2, Queen's Ear x2
  • Green: Blimp Fish, Frosted Perch x2
  • Red: Finish

Summoning Potion

A quest item potion for the Lady of the Lake.

  • 3 Queen ear - On blue
  • 3 sunfish - on green
  • 1 reedflute - on yellow
  • Dip on blue

Runic Sight Potion

Allows people to see runes over your head. Used for Artificing.

  • Weeping Krodo, Roto Spore, Weeping Krodo
  • When green: Cloakfish, Reedflue
  • When Turqoise: Chytril, Chytril, Eel, Eel
  • Finish when blue

Luck Potion

Adds 50 points of luck for 5 minutes, not stackable. 50 points = 5% extra

  • Blue: Weeping Krodo x2, Roto Spore
  • Turqoise: Catfish x2, Sunfish
  • Green: Plains Helm, Cactus x2
  • Yellow: Axolotol, Cloak Fish, Axolotol
  • Green: Finish

5x Luck Potion

  • Blue: Weeping Krodo x3, Rotospore
  • Turquoise: Catfish x2, Sunfish
  • Green: Plains Helm x2, Cactus x2
  • Yellow: Axolotol x2, Cloak Fish x2
  • Green: Frosted Perch x2
  • Red: Finish

Ithecac Potion

  • Blue: Reedflute, Sydazoran, Reedflute
  • Green: Queens Ear x3
  • Yellow: Sydazoran, Axolotol
  • Green: Weeping Krodo x2
  • Turquoise: Finish

Body Lantern Potion

  • Blue: Coconut Milk, Rotospore
  • Turquoise: Catfish, Rotospore
  • Red: Carfish, Queen's Ear
  • Green: Finish

Pack Mule Potion

  • Blue: Coconut Milk x2, Clownfish
  • Yellow: Sharkfin, Water Toad x2
  • Green: Catfish x2, Rotospore
  • Turquoise: Axolotol, Spiralback
  • Red: Finish

Potion of Masked Scent / Invisibility Potion

  • Blue: Sydazoran, Chytril, Weeping Krodo
  • Red: Sharkfin x2
  • Yellow: Clown Fish, Phoenix Fish, Spiralback
  • Green: Pine Cone, Water Toad, Crown Foil
  • Turquoise: Finsih
  • Age potion to receive Invisibility Potion

Potions of Boosting - Vitality, Intellect and Strength


  • Blue: Jocus Oseoth x2, Sour Bell
  • Red: Sydazoran x2, Bass, Spiralback
  • Turquoise: Bloodcap, Axotol x2, Bloodcap
  • Blue: Finish


  • Blue: Shark Fin, Blade Cactus x2
  • Green: Cloakfish, Crownfoil, Sour Bell, Spiralback
  • Red: Spiralback, Bass, Queen's Ear x2
  • Yellow: Finsih


  • Blue: Helmspore, Sour Bell, Spiralback
  • Yellow: Sydazoran x2, Phoenix Fish
  • Green: Catfish, reedflute x2
  • Turquoise: Finish

Ability Reset Potion

  • Blue: Water Toad x2
  • Yellow: Clown Fish, Phoenix Fish
  • Turquoise: Weeping Krodo, Reedflute x2
  • Green: King Sweetie Apple, Eel x2
  • Blue: Finish

Tinny's Brew

  • Blue: Reedflute x2
  • Green: Queen's Ear x2
  • Yellow: Sunflower Seeds
  • Blue: Finish