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Types of Dragons[edit]

Dragons come in 3 types, mouse, tiger, and sea. The difference is purely aesthetic and financial. (tiger is cheapest to buy, seadragon is most expensive).

Different types can interbreed, and will produce offspring of either parent. (so, you can breed a tiger and sea dragon together if you want to).



Dragons can range in size from the smallest size 0 up to the largest size 8. (see both above)

When a pair of dragons are bred, the size will be somewhere between the smallest dragon -1 and the largest dragon +1.

So a size 2 bred with a size 4 could have a baby anywhere between sizes 1 to 5.


The colors are (in order of most dominant to least dominant) Brown --> Red --> Green --> Blue --> Jungle Green --> Purple --> White --> Black --> Undefined

Dragons have 3 different color variations, primary (the body color) secondary (the color of their scales) and spots (the spots and stripes marking their body).

When breeding for color dragons follow the classical laws of Mendelian genetics. This means that each dragon will have two traits for each color variation. For example a dragon may have Blue-Black genes for its primary color.

When a pair of dragons breed one of those two genes will be randomly selected for each dragon and passed on to the offspring. So for example, a Black-Black dragon crossed with a Blue-Blue dragon, will always produce an offspring with Black-Blue genes.

To determine color look at the dominance chart above. The most dominant trait will always be displayed so if you want a black dragon, it MUST have Black-Black genes.

The color genes are independent from each other, so for example a dragon's spot color will have no impact on their primary color.

For more info on the basics of breeding maybe check out this video.[1]



There are 3 ability types (or "bonuses")

  • Gatherer which collects alchemy items you pass over.
  • Plunderer which drops monster-loot (bags only, no chests)
  • Jumper which reduces cooldown of your cookie by ~6 minutes. (the item that lets you jump home). Note: Unequipping your Jumper dragon will cancel the affect even if you re-equip immediately.

Bonus abilities appear to pop up randomly during breeding but they can also be granted to an existing dragon using a pet bonus treat (purchased from the dragon breeder in the zoo).


Equipped dragons will slowly drop in happiness when left alone, and raise in happiness when pet or fed.

The happiness stages include: ecstatic, gleeful, happy, sad, lonely, and depressed.

Depressed dragons cannot use their abilities, thus it is important to keep your dragons at least fairly happy. While petting does raise a dragon's mood, a dragon will only gain a mood boost from petting once every 5 minutes, so make sure you pet your dragon periodically.

Recessive Genes and Mutations[edit]

From the developer, Kyle:[2]

Hey there! There is only a chance of a mutation if the most recessive slot of the punnett square is picked (25% chance). Then there is a 50% chance of the recessive trait mutating to a more recessive trait. So a [Brown,green] and [brown,green] could get you a [green,green]. Then if you are lucky, that [green,green] could mutate to a [green,blue]. It will only mutate the most recessive of the two traits to a more recessive trait. So if you have [brown,brown] and [brown,green], the most recessive slot would be [brown,green]. Then if that mutated, it would become [brown,blue].