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The Paladin is a tank class. It is played by wielding a Thor-like hammer to deal damage to enemies. The Paladin absorbs damage done to it and can reuse it to damage the enemy. Paladins cannot take as much damage as a warrior but can do more damage.

- The Paladin melee attack uses up an orb for every strike. It is best to swing sideways as you can accidentally use Hammer Smash if you swing down too far. If no orbs are available to use, the melee attack will do very minimal damage.

- The Hammer Smash attack uses up 3 orbs and is an AoE attack that can help pull aggro and do damage to multiple targets. This is activated by hitting your hammer on the ground but nothing will happen if you do not have 3 orbs.

- The Hammer Throw attack uses up as many orbs as times that it hits. You can throw your hammer by holding and releasing the grip and recall the hammer back by holding the grip in again. This also acts as the Paladin's interrupt, if you throw the hammer slowly you can interrupt multiple times in one throw.

- Another feature for the hammer throw is that you can press the trigger after you throw and it will teleport you to your hammer, and this uses up one orb; super handy for teleporting to hard to reach areas or covering large distances in battle.

- The Librams are little books that are in front of you when your hammer is equipped. Holding one for 1 second will activate it. The cooldowns for these librams will show up over the libram itself.

- Having all five orbs on your hammer will double the damage you take.


The Libram of Blessing[edit]

It is on your left and it increases your party's strength and intellect by 10% (this can be increased to 20% with the Blessing of Encouragement talent). This also pulls aggro on the mobs around you.

The Libram of Healing[edit]

It is in the middle and it heals you with a large heal. It can be increased by using the Libram of Power first and can also apply to other members if you have the Libram of Assistance talent.

The Libram of Power[edit]

It increases the potency of your next action by 20%. This amount can be buffed to 25% with the Blessing of Attack talent.


Level 5[edit]

Blessing of Attack[edit]

Increase the buff of your Libram of Power by 5%.

The Libram of Power already increases your damage by #%. This increases it to #%.

Blessing of Encouragement[edit]

Your Libram of Blessing adds an extra 10% strength and intellect.

The Libram of Blessing already increases your party's strength and intellect by 10%. This increases it to 20%.

Level 10[edit]

Libram of Protection[edit]

Your Libram of Healing increases your damage resistance and energy generation by 5% for 4 seconds.

Along with healing you, the Libram of Healing increases your damage resistance and energy generation (Blue ability orb that charges yellow orbs when hammer is raised) by 5%.

Libram of Assistance[edit]

Your Libram of Healing will now heal the most injured friendly target within 8 meters.

Turns your Libram of Healing into a party heal similar to the Bard. It will heal the member with the lowest absolute amount of health within 8 meters (32 green dots).

Level 15[edit]


Lay on Hands gives you a 50% armor buff for 10 seconds.

When using the Paladin Super Ability (Lay on Hands) your damage resistance increases by 50% for 10 seconds. (Dependent on Super Ability length? Bard Super Buff?)


Your Lay on Hands can now heal other players by touching them when activating it.

When using the Paladin Super Ability (Lay on Hands) you can touch an injured member and they will receive a large heal. Only works on one player per super.

Level 20[edit]

Hammer of Retribution[edit]

Point your hammer at an enemy and pull the trigger to shoot a bolt of lightning at the target at the cost of two power charges.

Sending this bolt of lightning at an enemy will damage them as if it were a single hit with the hammer close up, costing two orbs. This is useful in PvP to begin an encounter.

Hammer of Forgiveness[edit]

Point your hammer at a friendly player and pull the trigger to heal the target at the cost of two power charges.

Pointing your hammer at a party member and pulling the trigger will give them a medium heal, costing two orbs. (Can be used on self?)

Level 30[edit]

Plea of Protection[edit]

Once every 30 seconds you can raise your off hand in the air to be granted a 25% increase to damage resistance and energy generation for 10 seconds.

Every 30 seconds, you can raise up your off hand (exactly like raising the hammer) to receive a 25% increase in damage resistance and energy generation (Blue ability orb that charges yellow orbs when hammer is raised) for ten seconds. There is no visual indication when this plea is ready to use.

Plea of Divinity[edit]

Once every 10 minutes you can cast Plea of Divinity on an ally. If the target dies while blessed with Plea of Divinity they will resurrect with 20% health

Once Plea of Divinity is cast on an ally, that member will have a buff on them that lasts 10 minutes. If they die within that time, they immediately 'resurrect' with 20% health. Unbending will proc before this resurrect and will also not clear any debuffs or buffs the individual has i.e. having dots like poison or affliction will still be active after the resurrection.


The Paladin class is oddly familiar to Thor... just not as OP.