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For an "Intoxicating Brew" Parts 1 and 2, which allows you to obtain a wand, see the Runemage Wiki page.

1. Guardian Bart - Sword Training,Monster Slayer,Ranger Training,Musketeer Training,Gathering Training, Final Challenge
2. A Demanding Chef
3. A Demanding Chef II
This quest icon may not immediately appear over Chef Lathrow's head. Waving at the chef will still give this quest once Demanding Chef is complete
4. Forest Secrets
5. Secret Tithing
6. Festival Celebration
7. Airship to University Isle
8. Job Seeker
9. A Pilgrim’s Journey
10. Pagan Magicks
11. Report for Duty
12. Woodland Rebels
13. An Unruly Outlier
14. King Sweeties
15. The Ambitious General
16. The Green Mile
17. The Last Meal (Includes sub-quests)
18. The Archives
19. Follow The Signs
20. The Trials (Includes sub-quests)
21. Ceremony
22. Kid Brother
23. Seeking Petyr
24. Secret Commander
25. Two Lives
26. Invisible Ink
27. Bandit
28. The Shakeup
29. Into The Wilds
30. Loyalty Of The Shadows
30. Loyalty Of The Tribe
31. Highsteppe Guardians
32. Loyalty Of The Warg
33. Loyalty Of The League
34. Faction Hero (Includes sub-quests)
35. A Diluvian Puzzle


How to Acquire the Quest[edit]

Complete the "Ghouls" quest and to speak to a person in C? (the place with many doors). That person will give you a book. Take the book to the Explorer's League in the Lamavora Frontier.

Chudkatet Locations[edit]

01 Behind the spa in Lamavora
Lavamora Chudkatet.jpg

02 Right in the center of the Burning Woods

03 On top of Maat's Keep on the opposite side from Markos
Maats Chudkatet.jpg

04 In the desert, near the world boss
Desert Chudkatet.jpg

05 On the highest level of the Green Lady Forest plateau, all the way around the corner and behind the building
Greenladyforestplat Chudkatet.jpg

06 Heading from Lakewood Inn to the desert, it'll be on your left before you hit the desert
Lakewood Chudkatet.jpg

07 In the Lucian Plains, along the lake and across from the wooden walkway area where the Rune Wargs hang out and you get Ithecac potion for the first time
LucianPlains Chudkatet.jpg

08 Heading from Highsteppe to the Zoo, on the left just before the Zoo entrance
Zoo Chudkatet.jpg

09 In the rainforest, behind the lizard temple that's hidden by the wall of grass
Rainforest temple1 Chudkatet.jpg Rainforest temple2 Chudkatet.jpg Rainforest temple3 Chudkatet.jpg

10 In the rainforest, the ziggurat-style temple
Rainforest ziggurat Chudkatet.jpg