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SPOILER WARNING: Orbus VR was designed with the expectation that a large part of gameplay would be collaboration, exploration, and discovery. We think this counts as collaboration, but if you want to find things completely on your own then you will want to avoid clicking anything that looks moderately interesting or helpful. So basically you shouldn't really click on anything on the internet at all if you want the raw experience. You should instead shut yourself in your room until you are level 20 on the class of your choice. We also recommend not speaking to anyone, since they might spoil things for you too if you are that worried about it.

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Orbus VR: Reborn
The Orbus VR Dev Team is working on releasing an expansion to the Orbus VR universe. It will revamp many aspects of the game including the combat system, equipment, maps and much more. It is currently in beta and anyone who owns a copy of Orbus is able to experience it. The next beta will be from February 22nd to February 25th and release is planned for April 2019. We have some snippets of information in the guide below.


Orbus VR: Reborn Guide


So far Orbus VR: Reborn has introduced 4 new classes:  

Battle Classes


Warrior Icon.png


Musketeer Icon.png


Musketeer Icon.png


Bard Class

Equip a Mallet, and you get to play Songs!

Paladin Class

Equip a Hammer, and you get to fight like Thor!

Shaman Class

Equip a Mask, and you get to use Totems!

Scoundrel Class

(This is all speculation as of 2019/02/06) Equip your daggers, and you get to sneak and assassinate!


The quests are set up differently than in original Orbus. There are multiple NPC's that you can get quests from in Highsteppe but they can give multiple quests. Eg. Darius the Warg gives multiple kill quests for Barking Stafrusters, Stafrages, etc. Quests can also be returned in increments, giving back varying degrees of experience. It is best to wait until the quest gives you a gold reward.


The armor system has changed a lot from the original. All of the textures and designs have changed. Most armor has a moving texture, like the surface of water. There are no longer any different class armor sets, so you no longer change armor to match what weapon you are using.


Highsteppe Dungeon

The Highsteppe Dungeon can be found under the big tree in the middle of Highsteppe. It is a scaled dungeon, so you can enter and complete it with any mix of levels. The main bosses are a big laser-eye Troll and the Lich King.

Look at the Paladin Class bugs to see how to avoid fighting any trash in this dungeon.


Many bugs have been identified in Reborn so far, so if you were hoping for a more stable environment than Orbus you will be disappointed. Right now there are so many that it is impossible to keep track of them all but at least we can share a few that we've experienced.

Paladin Class

As a Paladin, you wield a hammer like Thor, the God of Thunder. You gain power through taking damage or raising your hammer which can then be used to attack your enemies. There are a couple issues with this class right now. A mechanic from the Patch Notes known as "Hammer Slam" is used when you have 3 or more orbs stored up and hit the ground with your hammer which is then supposed to be an AoE attack and damage all nearby enemies. Right now this attack straight up does not work, although it will still eat up 3 orbs.

You can throw your hammer either to stun enemies or to teleport and then recall the hammer back. But if you move to a different place from where you began to recall it then the hammer will begin to orbit around you for about 5 seconds until it respawns back in your hand.

When swinging the hammer at an enemy be sure to swing side to side or like hitting an anvil. If you follow through on an up-down swing it will think you are doing a hammer slam and use up 3 orbs uselessly.

You have 3 power up books that you can read during battle that give you: 1) A party boost of intellect and strength 2) A Cure Wounds for yourself 3) A 2x boost for your next spell/attack. But these books are awkwardly placed and interfere with regularly equipped belt items. Right now it is best to unequip all belt items before using Paladin.

Unbeknownst to the developers of Reborn, the Paladin's teleporting ability allows for some very game-breaking maneuvers. In the Highsteppe Dungeon you can avoid fighting every single mob and skip right to the boss battles. It requires clipping through one wall and teleporting across two chasms to get to the Lich King.

World PvP

If you enable World PvP you will be able to battle with any other PvPers anywhere in Reborn outside of Safe Zones like Highsteppe. If you take this risk you will gain 15% more exp when battling mobs. But there are tricks to gain a leg up on the competition. Just outside of the Safe Zone of Highsteppe going toward the Flooded Rainforest is a large boulder. If you maneuver properly you can hide inside the rock such that you can see out but nobody can see you. This makes ambushes very easy to accomplish as you can attack without them knowing you're even there. The Devs have implemented a new mechanic to stop exploits like this which is that if you put your head inside of ordinary objects your vision will fade to black. But for whatever reason this doesn't currently work on the large boulder. So either use this bug to your advantage or beware that others might use it against you!

Orbus VR Guide


Classes are defined as anything that has a level. Links to detailed descriptions are below.

Battle Classes
Musketeer Icon.png


Ranger Icon.png


Runemage Icon.png


Warrior Icon.png


Special Classes
Fishing Icon.png


Ghost Icon.png


Runemage Class

Equip a Wand, and you get to play as the Runemage Class and cast Spells!

Musketeer Class

Equip a Gun, and you get to play as the Musketeer Class!

Warrior Class

Equip a Sword, and you get to play as the Warrior Class!

Ranger Class

Equip a bow, and you get to play as the Ranger Class!

Fishing Class

Equip a fishing pole, and you get to play as the Fishing Class and catch fish!

Ghost Class

Die, and you get to play as the Ghost Class!

Getting started

New to Orbus VR or MMO's in general?

MMORPG Glossary of Terms

Item List

Below are the different categories of items in the game.

Combat Items
Weapons Icon.png



Armor and Rings

Potions Icon.png


Other Items
Harvestable Icon.png


Craftable Icon.png


Misc Icons.png




Includes Armor and Rings




Main Quests

Side Quests

World Map

Map of the World

Grinding Levels

Power Leveling/Grinding


Wenderwood Dungeon

Rainforest Dungeon

Desert Dungeon

Tradu Mines

Shard Dungeons


Three different difficulties of raids are available to battle through with groups of up to 10 members. Raids offer the best equipment in the game as drops and also provide a token whenever you defeat a boss which can be redeemed for equipment at a Highsteppe Raid Shop.

The enemies in the raids are a continuation of the story line with Bishop Roma where the last thing he did before he was unceremoniously killed was to release Lord Dethslatu into the world. Lord Dethslatu corrupted the armies of Bishop Roma and you need to defeat them in order to kill the last living Essa.

Normal Mode

The enemies in this raid are level 20.5 and the entrance is the furthest to the right.

Hard Mode

The enemies in this raid are level 21.5 and the entrance is in the middle.

Expert Mode

The enemies in this raid are level 22.5 and the entrance is the furthest to the left.

World Bosses

Elongata - Rainforest World Boss

Sanyael - Desert World Boss

Tradu Mines World Boss

Final Boss of Orbus


Artificing involves creating Tiles in Alchemy which are prepared in the same way as Potions. These Tiles can then be combined into Tilesets in the Artificing table in the basement of your home. When applied to equipment, and the runes are triggered during combat, your character will receive a "proc," which at this point is limited to increased damage bonuses on your attacks and spells.

Rune Translation

Recommended Tilesets

Harvesting Ingredients



Mineral Ore



Innocent Creatures


Additional Information

Hidden Scroll Pages


Market Stalls and Auctions

Pet Breeding