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OrbusVR: Reborn Guide

SPOILER WARNING: Orbus VR was designed with the expectation that a large part of game play would be collaboration, exploration, and discovery. We think this counts as collaboration, but if you want to find things completely on your own then you will want to avoid clicking anything that looks moderately interesting or helpful.

Getting Started[edit]

New to Orbus VR or MMO's in general? MMORPG Glossary of Terms

Power Leveling[edit]

Check out our Leveling Guide to make your way up to level 30 quick so you can enjoy shards and raids!


Classes are defined as anything that has a level. Links to detailed descriptions are below.

Battle Classes
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Musketeer Icon.png


Runemage Icon.png


Ranger Icon.png


Reborn Battle Classes








Special Classes
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Item List[edit]

Below are the different categories of items in the game.

Combat Items
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Armor and Rings

Potions Icon.png


Other Items
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Craftable Icon.png


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Questing is divided into mission quests and the lore quest line. Mission quests can be acquired by speaking to one of the vendors in Highsteppe and accepting them through the menu that pops up when waving your hand in front of them to open their menu. Lore quests are acquired by waving to open the vendor menu and clicking the three dot speech bubble icon.

Mission Quests[edit]

There are mission quests for Dragon Racing, Fishing, Salvaging, Hunting, Critter Capture, Battlegrounds and Events.

Mission quests are only available up to the level that you are when you speak to the vendor (on any class). Completing these missions give you experience, reputation with the vendor and a rewards cache. There are three levels of completion: Bronze, Silver and Gold; each giving varying levels of experience and reputation rewards.

  • Levelling missions
    • Bronze: 8,000 base exp, 300 dram and 150 reputation.
    • Silver: 10,000 base exp, 400 dram and 175 reputation.
    • Gold: 12,000 base exp, 500 dram and 200 reputation.
  • Token missions
    • Bronze: 8,000 base exp, 300 dram and 10 reputation.
    • Silver: 10,000 base exp, 400 dram and 10 reputation.
    • Gold: 12,000 base exp, 500 dram and 10 reputation.
  • Weekly missions
    • Bronze: 8,000 base exp, 300 dram and 150 reputation.
    • Silver: 10,000 base exp, 500 dram and 175 reputation.
    • Gold: 12,000 base exp, 750 dram and 200 reputation.

The level of the quest does not change the amount of exp you get. Doing harder missions does not help get you better experience, although if you have never completed them before then you will get higher reputation from completing them as opposed to only doing token missions.

Each day you get 5 mission tokens up to a maximum of 25 regardless if you log in or not, and these can be used to get more Mission Quests. Using your mission tokens at a vendor will give you any uncompleted quest that you have as long as you have not completed that quest that day already (no more spamming easy quests i.e. doing The Beginning dragon race over and over). The best strategy is to have every quest active in your book and only completing the easy ones (once you've beaten them all for the reputation). This way you can quickly use up your 5 tokens all within the gates of Highsteppe.

Lore Quests[edit]

The Main Story Quest (MSQ) in Orbus Reborn continues on from the story in OG Orbus after a period of years lapsed where you, the hero, were absent. When you defeated the Esasa Lords, Helga, Markos, Tinny and Sicilus were all considered your friends and fellow heroes. Now it seems that a dark force has fallen upon the land, and Markos (the one who helped you to defeat Bishop Roma and the Esasas) is now considered a violent and evil man. It seems that the influence of a Sorcerer has brought the world into a dark age...

Enter here to find out more about the Lore Quests.

World Map[edit]




The dungeons are entered into at the base of the tree in the middle of Highsteppe. Dungeons are to be completed with a party of 5, typically one tank, one healer and three dps classes. Entering a dungeon and not putting in a shard will cause the shard to be level scaled. Any level class can be used and be able to succeed, but there is a slight disadvantage since you won't have the higher level talents available to you. If you defeat a boss in a scaled dungeon as a level 30 class you receive a dungeon shard. The dungeon shard can be for any of the four dungeons. You can enter a shard dungeon by entering the dungeon that your shard is classified as, equipping the shard to your belt and then placing the shard in the altar at the beginning of the dungeon. These shards are used to empower a dungeon and make the enemies more difficult but also increasing the loot's quality and chance for rarer loot. If you put a shard into the altar at the beginning of the dungeon it will no longer be scaled to your level and will be more difficult as the shard level increases. To complete a shard dungeon you will need to kill enough trash mobs to raise your completion rate to 100% and defeat both of the bosses. After reaching 100% completion, there is no more value in killing more mobs.

Loot drops for completing the dungeon increment by levels:
- Level 1-3 dungeons drop Level 30 + 1 gear.
- Level 4-6 dungeons drop Level 30 + 2 gear.
- Level 7-9 dungeons drop Level 30 + 3 gear.
- Level 10-14 dungeons drop Level 30 + 4 gear. . - Level 15 dungeons drop 30 + 5 gear and 30 + 6 legendary weapons Level 1 shards will drop either Major or Epic gear. Level 2 to 4 will only drop Epic gear. Level 5 to 10 will drop either Epic or Legendary gear.

If you complete a shard within 10 minutes, your entire party gets granted the Speedrunner title. If you complete a shard within 15 minutes, the person who put the original shard in will receive a new one that is two levels higher. (i.e. level 1 turns into level 3) If you complete a shard within 30 minutes, the person who put the original shard in will receive a new one that is one level higher. (i.e. level 1 turns into level 2) If you do not complete the shard dungeon within 30 minutes, the shard is broken and the original shard gets delevelled by two. This means if you had a level 4 shard it turns into a level 2 shard and if you had a level 2 or lower it will just be destroyed without receiving another shard.


Considered the most difficult dungeon. It is entered through the far left sphere at the dungeon entrance. Defeat the Dungeon Troll and Lich King to claim your prize!


Considered fairly easy due to the ease of the last boss. It is entered through the second sphere to the left at the dungeon entrance. Defeat the Mutated Rat and Sewer Slime to claim your prize!


Considered more difficult to complete quickly as the adds spawn in on a timer. It is entered through the second sphere to the right at the dungeon entrance. Defeat the Chaos Purity and Chaos Hunter to claim your prize!

Broken Halls[edit]

Considered the easiest dungeon to complete. It is entered through the far right sphere at the dungeon entrance. Defeat the Minotaur and Gorgon to claim your prize!


Guild City Ruins.png

It's raid time again! Gather your friends and either make your own group of ten or join a queue, it's time for some more end game content!

Enter here to find out all about them.

World Bosses[edit]

Highsteppe World Boss[edit]

Description -:"Bjorn Stafrute" This boss is very tree-like and wields uprooted trees like clubs.

Location - Take your first left when you leave the walls of Highsteppe and you will get to it.

Mechanics - In order to enrage the boss from an ordinary elite boss to a world boss, you will need to destroy the trees in the surrounding areas that have squirrels in them. Once enough trees are destroyed the boss will enrage to a world boss.

The boss will spawn acorn attacks similar to the Leshak elites from OG Orbus. They will slowly descend from the sky towards random people and need to be shot down or they will kill you. Players without a projectile weapon will have a difficult time knocking down these acorns so nearby players who have projectiles should help them out.

The boss will also have an AoE attack that happens occasionally.

Loot Overgrown bark cape, ring.

Lamavora World Boss[edit]

Description- "Chaos Giant" Looks like a massive version of the tear enemies in the surrounding area, and dual wields two giant swords.

Location - Found north west of the Knight's Fort teleport in Lamavora Battlefields.

Mechanics Pull all of the levers in the area at the same time to enrage the boss, poison pools will appear under players randomly and will need to be dodged.

Loot- Unknown equation cape and ring with 75 wisdom and 25 crit strike.

Hulthine World Boss[edit]

Description"Scav Giant" - Large scav that holds a giant sword.

Location - Found south east of the Flying High teleport in Hulthine's Basin.

Mechanics Need to lead him to smash wolves to enrage, Spawns adds, has a large aoe ,and jumps.

Loot Independent thought cape, ring


Artificing is the 'art' of infusing your gear with runes to make certain actions more powerful and involves creating Tiles in Alchemy which are prepared in the same way as Potions. These tiles can then be combined into Tilesets in the Artificing table in the basement of your home. When applied to equipment, and the runes are triggered during combat, your character will receive a "proc," which at this point is limited to increased damage bonuses on your attacks and spells.


Artificing Runes can be applied to equipment in order to get buffs in combat based on your play style. Tilesets will activate when you perform the proper actions in order. Tiles are engraved runes created to represent individual combat events that should trigger in order to eventually activate a full tileset sequence.

Rune Tiles and Sets[edit]

Tiles are created through the alchemy profession (the same way as potions) using ores and known tile recipes.

Tilesets are created from individual tiles on the artificing table in the basement of your home. Each tileset is created from a series of three to five tiles. [1]

Activating Tilesets[edit]

As a player engages in combat, most of the individual actions of combat (taking damage, blocking, and each individual attack) have their own rune associated with these actions. As the actions occur, the tiles in the tileset are activated. When the series of a tileset is complete, the buff will proc.

The series in a tileset does not have to be completed in an unbroken sequence. Other actions can occur between the activation of each tile in the tileset. However, the more other actions that occur, the more "interference" there is in the tileset and the weaker the proc. [2]

How to Begin Artificing[edit]

To begin making your own tilesets you will need to either start with someone else's tile order or perform some runesmithing.


To Runesmith, you will need a Runesmith potion. Once consumed, the Runesmith Potion will show the runes that are activating while a player is in combat. This potion only displays the runes for the player that consumed the potion. It does not reveal runes of all other players to the one who consumed the potion. So you will need another player to either take notes for you or record your session and upload it for you to watch.

To begin, do single actions and try to map each one to a rune. Some actions will not produce a rune and others will produce multiple because multiple things are happening (placing a debuff on target rune and a timing rune). Once you've mapped the actions for your class, perform your combat rotation to see how they all mesh together. This is where you will get your timing runes so make sure to perform the rotation as close to reality as you can.

Pre-Made Tilesets[edit]

Check out these tilesets that Orbus players have put together: Recommended Tilesets

We are still working on gathering the newer class tilesets and if you have one feel free to add it!

Harvesting Ingredients[edit]



Mineral Ore[edit]


Innocent Creatures[edit]



Additional Information[edit]

Hidden Scroll Pages[edit]

Look on the World Map to see where to get the hidden scrolls.


Market Stalls and Auctions[edit]

Pet Breeding[edit]

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