MMORPG Glossary of Terms

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  • Area of Effect (AoE) - Area of Effect, or AoE, are spells which affect more than one target within a pre-determined radius set by the game's mechanics.[1]
  • Damage over Time (DoT and pronounced "dot") - a term used to describe a single spell or attack which deals full damage not instantly but over a period of time, dealing a portion of its total damage at regular intervals. The damage is often done every second or every half-second, and each instant in which it is dealt is called a 'tick'.[2]
  • Proc - Particularly common for massively multiplayer online games, procs are random events where special armor or weapons provide the user with temporary extra powers, or whenever the opposing monster suddenly becomes more powerful in some way.[3] In Orbus, a player can proc whenever their tileset has been activated on their equipment by precise and timed attacks.
  • Tick - See Damage over Time.
  • Wipe - A wipe occurs when a party or raid has been killed; either accidentally or intentionally to restart a mission.
  • Pulling - Initiating a battle with a mob or group of mobs.
  • Aggro - Aggro is a measure of a mob's interest in a specific character. In many groups you want the tank to hold aggro so other less hearty characters don't get any damage.
  • Tanking - Assuming the group position of taking the most aggro from mobs. The tank also absorbs most of the damage.
  • Add - During a battle a mob that was not part of the original battle may join the fight. Group members should announce an add so everyone knows there are more to fight.
  • Kiting - For some ranging classes an effective fighting technique is to damage the enemy from a distance, run for a bit, attack again and run some more. Like flying a kite, the mob follows you until it is dead.
  • Chicken - Temporarily turn a mob into a chicken, rendering it immobile. The 'chicken' will not attack in this state.