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In OG Orbus (the world created before Reborn was released), you started out as a simple Guardian being trained by Bart. After your training was completed and you did some work around Highsteppe to help out your neighbors, Bishop Roma recruited you to help quash a pagan uprising. Being a devout follower of the Order you retained order among the pagans by wiping them out. But something didn't seem right. These people were not evil, in fact they started to reveal to you ways in which the Order itself was flawed and corrupt. Through all your adventures and people you met you were slowly convinced that in fact Markos, leader of the Patreyal Knights, whom Bishop Roma had called a pagan, was a good man and was trying to save the realm. Teaming up with Markos you became a double agent seeking to undermine the Order. Gathering other leaders across the world to help overthrow Roma and stop what he was planning to do you confronted him. Almost succeeding in stopping Roma he used some black magic to evade you.. but not before he revealed part of his dark plan which was to revive the Esasa Lords, the very creatures who had almost destroyed the land of Patreyal many years ago, and let them reign destruction and chaos once again! Alerting your allies to his plan you went to the Necropolar regions to find and stop Bishop Roma, clearing swathes of corrupted guards in your path. But you reached him too late. He had successfully resurrected the Esasa lords, including Lord Dethslatu himself! After the beast unceremoniously feasted on Bishop Roma's flesh, you and your allies made your last stand, the only thing blocking the way between the Esasas and the destruction of Patreyal. After defeating the last foe, your body exhausted and injured perhaps beyond recovery, you drifted off, and the last thing you remember seeing is this dark Sorceror.. Sephotep?.. standing over you chuckling...

What happened?[edit]

Reawakening in a house, looks like your old one, you're confused and try to get your bearings. Familiarizing yourself with the place you realize someone must have moved all of your stuff here. You read the books around your house; on benches and in the library. You venture outside and begin to talk to people. Some have no clue who you are but others are surprised to see you, saying you've been gone for so long and thought you were never coming back. Through the discussion you find out that you've been gone for years, and in that time powers had risen and fallen and now Markos is Lord over Highsteppe! The grass roots rebel has now risen to the rank of the highest leader. But people don't seem to have the same opinion of him as you did. They say Markos has become cold and violent, murdering herds of innocent people! This is not the Markos you remember. Similarly, you hear stories about how Helga was defamed and exiled, only recently returning to Highsteppe. She seems beaten down and defeated. Sicilus also was called a liar and manipulator for seeming to try to prevent a catastrophe. Which catastrophe? The opening of the portal to the Void. Apparently this opening brought Essence into the world and is what's caused all the creatures to become corrupted and violent. You set out on a mission to save the world and redeem your friends.


(Haven't got far enough in the story line to write about the progression but suffice it to say that you are trying to stop Markos and whatever evil power has influenced him and you enter the Ruins of Guild City to do so..)