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These are scroll pages hidden throughout the world of OrbusVR that only become visible upon drinking Ithecac Potion. The scroll pages include the Alchemy recipes for additional Potions and Rune Tiles used in Artificing.

All the hidden scroll pages (As well as hidden rune pages) require the use of the Ithecac Drink to be able to spot and pick up.

Currently, there are no hidden scroll pages in any of the Orbus Wilds.

Scroll Page Locations for Potion Recipes[edit]

Potion of Masked Scent

Located in the Eastern entrance of the Lucien Plains Wilds. You do not need to be in the wilds to see it.

Luck Potion

Near the center of the dense jungle between Mountain Crest and entrance to the Jungle Dungeon (also where you first meet the Brotherhood and drop 21 dram).

Ability Reset Potion

Southeast light tower on the hill in the Frosted Spit.

Pack Mule Potion

On top of Ma'ats Keep, near the place where you get Goddess Ma'at's diluvian cube.

Empowered Strikes Potion

In the Lamorvia Frontier, where you find the remains of the Tourist, if you do that quest. It's essentially behind and around the corner from the Hot Springs Resort. Quick tip: You can pick this up while taking Ithecac for the Explorer's League quest.

Concentrated Healing Potion

Inside the Tradu Mines Quest cave. Follow the mine cart rails till you are able to descend into an area with a big vault door with cogs laying everywhere. The page should be in the corner of the room.

Speed Potion

Found in the door maze to the northeast of the desert right before entering the wilds. Take the first door and after that, walk to the left. Take that door and you will be up on an empty ledge and the page will be there.

Potions of Boosting - Vitality, Intellect and Strength

Highsteppe Graveyard

Scroll Page Locations for Rune Tile Recipes[edit]

These recipes are for creating Rune Tiles. For more information, see the Rune Translation wiki page.

""Plateau near Highsteppe - Further up on the plateau near the ruins where you get the midlands diluvian cube""

""Frosted Spit to the Northwestern light tower on Northern hill""

Rune Recipe Page 2[edit]

Center of Old Kingsport

Rune Recipe Page 3[edit]

Plateau near Highsteppe - Where you fight the bandits for the first time, near the place where you get the ice lance spell

Rune Recipe Page 6[edit]

Cailo Fa Ki - Behind pushcart in north of town

Rune Recipe Page 7[edit]

Next to Oasis in the Desert - East Side

Rune Recipe Page 8[edit]

South of the large desert town, Tarth Fa Dathrun, near the leaky boulders and next to the teleport lodestone

Scroll Page Locations for Dye Recipes[edit]

  • In the Frosted Spit town of Fisherman's Crust, on the northwest side, close to the water, by a circular row of benches near trees.
  • In the basement of the Chef's house in Highsteppe.
  • In the middle of the Burning Forest near Wenderwood.
  • In the anthroplogist's house in New Kingsport.