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SPOILERS: Warning Orbus VR was designed with the expectation that a large part of gameplay would be collaboration, exploration, and discovery. We think this counts as collaboration, but if you want to find things completely on your own you will want to avoid clicking anything that looks moderately interesting or helpful. So basically you shouldn't really click on anything on the internet at all if you want the raw experience. You should instead shut yourself in your room until you are level 20 on the class of your choice. We also recommend not speaking to anyone, since they might spoil things for you too if you are that worried about it.

How to play as the Ghost Class[edit]

You will spend a fair amount of your time in Orbus VR playing as the ghost class. So far nobody has figured out how to level up the ghost class, but if you do, let us know.

When playing as a ghost, you will be unable to move from the spot you died at until you reawaken at a graveyard. This removes the ghost class you were playing as.

To become a ghost, simply stop trying so hard and let the mobs kill you.

Then gaze at the world in all it's monochromatic ghostly glory. Feel free to heckle the survivors around you until you are either bored enough to go to the nearest graveyard, revived by a Runemage Class or your party is out of combat (in dungeons).

Some ghosts are good motivators, others want everyone else to become ghosts like them, and yet others just love that they don't have to do anything for a minute. Whatever kind of ghost you become is up to you.


The ghost class unlocks talents based on what class the player was previously.


Burn, burn, burn: This activates an area of effect to nearby allies that has a 40% chance of increasing damage output for a short while. However 20% of the time this talent causes despair into nearby allies, and in particular nearby Runemage classes, that decreases damage output. The rest of the time this has no effect.

To activate this talent simply say "Burn, burn, burn" into the your microphone. It should be noted that the amount of buff or debuff on your allies is dependent on how loud your shout is. This ability has no cooldown.


I'm important: Your allies will initially not notice anything is wrong.

This ability can only be activated once per battle and will stop renewing itself if you say something.


A hit, a very palpable hit: You will attempt to cast one, or two spells and begin to suspect that there is a connection error with the host server. Upon realization that you are a ghost class you will be confused.


No Glitches Here: Immediately following your death as a Ranger your Ghost will spawn either a poison pool beneath you, a mob behind you or an AoE around you. This effect only lasts long enough for your allies to wrongly speculate how you died despite your claims that, "I don't know how I died, I must've glitched!" This ghost talent increases the likelihood of party depression and the chance that the warrior ghost talent will apply the depressing debuff to the party.

Re-Circulation: As you transition from Ranger to Ghost your non-existent arms will lower and ghost blood will begin to immediately return to your extremities. This will bring about a sense of relief and will cause an ever-increasing delay period before you begin the reawaken event.


Fisherman's Despair: Fisherman are particularly sensitive souls, and their choice to play the most helpless class often leads them into a deep sense of forlorn despair as they attempt to defend themselves with their rod before dying quickly in place.

Fisherman's Rage: Each time a fisherman dies in the wilds there is an increased chance of them going into a Fisherman's Rage. There is a natural chance when transitioning from Fisherman to ghost class in all locations, but the chance increases dramatically when a group is one shot by a single arcane blast.

During the Fisherman's Rage status effect a fisherman first experiences a desperate need to regain the fish or time they have lost, and generally the only way to recover from this status effect is to make a formal petition on the Orbus Forums or to spend several hours or days talking angrily about it with friends.