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SPOILERS: Warning Orbus VR was designed with the expectation that a large part of gameplay would be collaboration, exploration, and discovery. We think this counts as collaboration, but if you want to find things completely on your own you will want to avoid clicking anything that looks moderately interesting or helpful. So basically you shouldn't really click on anything on the internet at all if you want the raw experience. You should instead shut yourself in your room until you are level 20 on the class of your choice. We also recommend not speaking to anyone, since they might spoil things for you too if you are that worried about it.

How to play as the Fishing Class[edit]


... So, you want to go fishing.

Okay I guess, from highsteppe walk down and travel to the left until you see small shack on the lakes shore. You will usually know you are in the right place when you hear a bunch of people whining about fishing to your right.

Talk to the guy in the 20 gallon hat, and he will give you a quest to build your own lures. Mozy on back to your home in Highsteppe and put the Small Tongues and Eyeballs into the chest next to the hook rack. Then put one of each on the hook and say finish.

Congratulations! You now have a lure, go back to the fishing shack and turn in your quest to get your fishing rod, and then you can fish.

Note: Your lures will lose durability during use, if you don't see anything on your hook, don't bother fishing until you have remedied that.

Lures and Nibbles[edit]

Fish are picky, you will need to learn more about fishing lures as you move onto other areas to catch other more fancy fish.

Some fish will "nibble" on your lure if you have some of the lure items they like, but not enough to have them bite. Fish scent attractor potions do not play a role in whether a fish nibbles or not.


Several different types of Fish are available in the game and live in different regions of the game and, in some cases, even unique fishing spots in the same region.

The Role of Strength and Intellect[edit]

Certain fishing gear/armor have stat bonuses for strength and intellect.


Strength as a fisherman prevents the fish from pulling away during fishing line cooldowns. It also slows down the rate at which the fishing line turns to red.

When catching legendary fish, strength potion is highly recommended.


Intellect increases the likelihood of a nibble, which indicate the higher level fish that may be in the same waters.

If one is searching for legendary fish, they could take intellect potion to increase the chance of a nibble.