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===Common Lure Ingredients===
===Common Lure Ingredients===
*Small Tongue:  
*Small Tongue: (most monsters in Highsteppe)
*Lesser Eye: Boar (Flooded Rainforest)
*Lesser Eye: Boar (Flooded Rainforest)
*Small Tooth: Fox (Highsteppe)
*Small Tooth: Fox (Highsteppe)
*Blue Scales: Wolves (Lamavora)
*Blue Scales: Wolves, Tear Monsters(Lamavora)
*Feathers: Fox (Highsteppe), Felids (rainforest)
*Feathers: Fox (Highsteppe), Felids (rainforest),Tear Monsters(Lamavora)
*Minnow: See Fishing above
*Minnow: See Fishing above
*Rotten Finger: Bears (Wastelands), Felids (Flooded Rainforest)
*Rotten Finger: Bears (Wastelands), Felids (Flooded Rainforest)

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Common Fish

Sun Fish

  • Lure: Lesser eye (primary), Small tongue, large minnow.
  • Location: All of Highsteppe

Green Bellied Bass

  • Lure: Small Tooth (Rotten Finger), Small tongue, Rotten Finger.
  • Location: Flooded Rainforest, SouthEast and NorthWest.

Axolotl Fish *Lure: Small Tooth (primary), Feathers, Rotten Finger.

  • Location: All of Huthine's Basin

Spiralback Snail

  • Lure: Blue Scales (primary), Feathers, Lesser Eyes.
  • Location: Hulthine's Basin, South and West pools.

Katyharan Catfish

  • Lure: Small Tooth (primary), Feathers, Small tongue.
  • Location: Highsteppe lower pond.

Dwarf Shark

  • Lure: Eyeworm (primary), Rotten Finger.
  • Location: Hulthine's Basin

Clown Fish

  • Lure: Bloodyflesh (primary), Rotten Finger.
  • Location: Rainforest NorthWest

Phoenix Fish

  • Lure: Shiny Metal (primary), Eyeworm.
  • Location: All of Highsteppe and the NorthWest of Rainforest

Ridgeback Piranha

  • Lure: Minnow (primary), Lesser Eye, Rotten Finger.
  • Location: Wastelands in the western pond and the western river.

Cloak Fish

  • Lure: Lesser Eye (primary), Feather.
  • Locations: Western Pond Wastelands

Saddled Lion Eel

  • Lure: Blue Scales (primary), Lesser Eye, Minnow.
  • Location: SouthEast and NorthWest Rainforest.

Large Minnow

  • Lure: Small Tooth (primary), Small tongue, Rotten Finger.
  • Location: North East Huthine's Basin.

Legendary Fish

Weather and Time of Day in the Game World affect the availability of legendary fish, along with other conditions yet to be determined.

Blimp Fish

  • Lure: Shiny Metal and Large Minnow
  • Location: Upper Pond Highsteppe. Rainforest

Frosted Perch

  • Lure: Bloody Flesh, Blue Scales. Rotten finger.
  • Location: North West Rainforest. Western Pond Wastelands.

Da Majestic Flounder

  • Lure: Bloody Flesh, Eyeworm, and Shiny Metal.
  • Location: North West Rainforest. Western Pond Wastelands.


  • Lure: Snake bits, Bloody Flesh, Eyeworm
  • Location: Western Pond wastelands, 830 am EST


  • Lure: Snake bits, fatfly, Shiny Metal
  • Location: Rainforest scross from Hermit camp, only when raining

Acquiring Lure Ingredients

Common Lure Ingredients

  • Small Tongue: (most monsters in Highsteppe)
  • Lesser Eye: Boar (Flooded Rainforest)
  • Small Tooth: Fox (Highsteppe)
  • Blue Scales: Wolves, Tear Monsters(Lamavora)
  • Feathers: Fox (Highsteppe), Felids (rainforest),Tear Monsters(Lamavora)
  • Minnow: See Fishing above
  • Rotten Finger: Bears (Wastelands), Felids (Flooded Rainforest)

Rare Lure Ingredients

  • Eyeworm: Elite Tear Minions (Lamavora), Wolves (Lamavora)
  • Bloody Flesh: Bears (Wastelands), Felids (Flooded Rainforest)
  • Shiny Metal: Boar (Flooded Rainforest)
  • Fatfly: Elite Tear Minions (Lamavora)
  • Snake bits: Elite Tear Minions (Lamavora)