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===Common Lure Ingredients===
===Common Lure Ingredients===
*Small Tongue:  
*Small Tongue: (most monsters in Highsteppe)
*Lesser Eye: Boar (Flooded Rainforest)
*Lesser Eye: Boar (Flooded Rainforest)
*Small Tooth: Fox (Highsteppe)
*Small Tooth: Fox (Highsteppe)
*Blue Scales: Wolves (Lamavora)
*Blue Scales: Wolves, Tear Monsters(Lamavora)
*Feathers: Fox (Highsteppe), Felids (rainforest)
*Feathers: Fox (Highsteppe), Felids (rainforest),Tear Monsters(Lamavora)
*Minnow: See Fishing above
*Minnow: See Fishing above
*Rotten Finger: Bears (Wastelands), Felids (Flooded Rainforest)
*Rotten Finger: Bears (Wastelands), Felids (Flooded Rainforest)

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Common Fish[edit]

Sun Fish

  • Lure: Lesser eye (primary), Small tongue, large minnow.
  • Location: All of Highsteppe

Green Bellied Bass

  • Lure: Small Tooth (Rotten Finger), Small tongue, Rotten Finger.
  • Location: Flooded Rainforest, SouthEast and NorthWest.

Axolotl Fish *Lure: Small Tooth (primary), Feathers, Rotten Finger.

  • Location: All of Huthine's Basin

Spiralback Snail

  • Lure: Blue Scales (primary), Feathers, Lesser Eyes.
  • Location: Hulthine's Basin, South and West pools.

Katyharan Catfish

  • Lure: Small Tooth (primary), Feathers, Small tongue.
  • Location: Highsteppe lower pond.

Dwarf Shark

  • Lure: Eyeworm (primary), Rotten Finger.
  • Location: Hulthine's Basin

Clown Fish

  • Lure: Bloodyflesh (primary), Rotten Finger.
  • Location: Rainforest NorthWest

Phoenix Fish

  • Lure: Shiny Metal (primary), Eyeworm.
  • Location: All of Highsteppe and the NorthWest of Rainforest

Ridgeback Piranha

  • Lure: Minnow (primary), Lesser Eye, Rotten Finger.
  • Location: Wastelands in the western pond and the western river.

Cloak Fish

  • Lure: Lesser Eye (primary), Feather.
  • Locations: Western Pond Wastelands

Saddled Lion Eel

  • Lure: Blue Scales (primary), Lesser Eye, Minnow.
  • Location: SouthEast and NorthWest Rainforest.

Large Minnow

  • Lure: Small Tooth (primary), Small tongue, Rotten Finger.
  • Location: North East Huthine's Basin.

Legendary Fish[edit]

Weather and Time of Day in the Game World affect the availability of legendary fish, along with other conditions yet to be determined.

Blimp Fish

  • Lure: Shiny Metal and Large Minnow
  • Location: Upper Pond Highsteppe. Rainforest

Frosted Perch

  • Lure: Bloody Flesh, Blue Scales. Rotten finger.
  • Location: North West Rainforest. Western Pond Wastelands.

Da Majestic Flounder

  • Lure: Bloody Flesh, Eyeworm, and Shiny Metal.
  • Location: North West Rainforest. Western Pond Wastelands.


  • Lure: Snake bits, Bloody Flesh, Eyeworm
  • Location: Western Pond wastelands, 830 am EST


  • Lure: Snake bits, fatfly, Shiny Metal
  • Location: Rainforest scross from Hermit camp, only when raining

Acquiring Lure Ingredients[edit]

Common Lure Ingredients[edit]

  • Small Tongue: (most monsters in Highsteppe)
  • Lesser Eye: Boar (Flooded Rainforest)
  • Small Tooth: Fox (Highsteppe)
  • Blue Scales: Wolves, Tear Monsters(Lamavora)
  • Feathers: Fox (Highsteppe), Felids (rainforest),Tear Monsters(Lamavora)
  • Minnow: See Fishing above
  • Rotten Finger: Bears (Wastelands), Felids (Flooded Rainforest)

Rare Lure Ingredients[edit]

  • Eyeworm: Elite Tear Minions (Lamavora), Wolves (Lamavora)
  • Bloody Flesh: Bears (Wastelands), Felids (Flooded Rainforest)
  • Shiny Metal: Boar (Flooded Rainforest)
  • Fatfly: Elite Tear Minions (Lamavora)
  • Snake bits: Elite Tear Minions (Lamavora)