Elongata - Rainforest World Boss

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SPOILERS: Warning Orbus VR was designed with the expectation that a large part of gameplay would be collaboration, exploration, and discovery. We think this counts as collaboration, but if you want to find things completely on your own you will want to avoid clicking anything that looks moderately interesting or helpful. So basically you shouldn't really click on anything on the internet at all if you want the raw experience. You should instead shut yourself in your room until you are level 20 on the class of your choice. We also recommend not speaking to anyone, since they might spoil things for you too if you are that worried about it.


Elongata is a giant plant that spawns monsters and launches AOE seeds at the raid. A group of 10 or more players is recommended, with all classes represented and all players at or near level 20.

Location and How to Summon[edit]

Elongata is located in the rain forest area just east of Mountain Crest village, and south west of Snake Battlefield. To gain entry to the boss area you'll need to drink an Ithecac potion to see and use the existing door. Once in the boss area, you'll need one of each class to stand on a specific rock in the same area, and near the entrance. A shitty diagram of these rocks can be seen below. No matter defeat or victory, there is five minute cooldown before Elongata can be summoned again.

Elongata How to Spawn.png Elongata Entrance and Mage Rock.jpg
Elongata musketeer rock.jpg Elongata ranger rock.jpg Elongata warrior rock.jpg


Elongata Positioning.png

  • All players stand in a line, about 20 yards from where Elongata has appeared. All pets must be unequipped.
  • One warrior ("Tank"), likely with a backup warrior, attack Elongata to draw aggro. One healer stands with the tank(s). If the tank healer is attacked by adds, the second tank can use provoke to attract them. The second warrior should not use their horn to draw aggro, as it will also get the attention of Elongata. Otherwise DPS will be responsible for pulling the adds of the tank healer.
  • All DPS hold attacks until the Tank has drawn aggro.
  • Once the Tank calls out they have drawn aggro, DPS begins attacking.
  • After a certain amount of damage, Elongata will begin spawning additional monsters from its base.
  • DPS must kill all the adds.
  • At this point in time, the boss will begin launching seeds at the ranged DPS line. The seeds must be shot down (usually by archers) prior to them reaching the party. If the seeds do not get shot down, they will explode and cause AOE damage to the party.
  • Continue this cycle until you defeat the boss.
  • NOTE: You may be expected to have Discord installed on your computer. Due to the number of players and bandwidth issues, audio may start to be cut, including in-game voice chat. Using Discord's voice chat feature solves this issue.

Most Common Mistakes[edit]

  • DPS fires before Tank draws aggro in the beginning.
  • DPS fails to protect tank healer.
  • DPS fails to shoot down AOE seeds.


  • Elongata World Boss Cape
  • Ring (+25 Critical, Various Ring Affixes)