Desert Dungeon

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Desert dungeon entrance.jpg

This dungeon used to be designed for a 5 person team of level 16 members; one tank, one healer and three dps. But as of 2018 they changed the dungeon to be 'scaled' which means that anybody who enters the dungeon will have the mobs change difficulty to be their level. Eg. a level 5 warrior can join a group of level 13 members and to the level 5 warrior each mob will seem like level 5 and at the same time the mobs will seem like level 13 to the level 13 members. It is still easier to defeat the dungeons at a higher level because of the talent system.

This dungeon is found hidden behind a rock wall near the Chthonic Ruins northeast of the city of Tarth Fa Dathrun.
Desert dungeon path to entrance1.jpg Desert dungeon path to entrance2.jpg

Shitty Map
Shittymap des dun.png Desert dungeon Inside Dungeon.jpg

Desert Dungeon Mobs
1. Cactaur
2. Chrimera Looking Winged Beasts
3. Runic Valusia
4. Snakes
5. Sprites
6. Ifrit
7. Obnobi Ghoul

Desert Bosses
Mostly tank and spank with some movement. Boss will perform AOE tail whip and frontal blasts. Have tank jump out of the way of AOE, and DPS should stand where they don't get hit by tail AOE. To get to this boss, enter the mini-maze on the left side of the dungeon, have ranged DPS kill the exploding eggs while traversing the maze.
Desert Dragon Boss Entrance.jpg Desert Dragon Boss Maze.jpg Desert Dragon Boss.jpg

Dweorg's Soldiers - Quest Boss
This is a fairly difficult encounter. To reach this boss you must find a way through the door on the right side of the dungeon. Each of the three boss mobs will spawn poison pools under your characters. Additionally, all mobs must die around the same time as eachother, otherwise they will resurect back to full health. A good strat is to have two healers and dps them down to a close HP amount, then finish them.
Dweorgs soldiers path1.jpg Dweorgs soldiers boss.jpg