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Artifacing Runes can be applied to equipment in order to get buffs in combat based on your play style and the Tilesets that are activated. Tiles are the Potions created to represent individual combat events that should trigger in order to eventually activate a full Tilesets sequence.

Rune Tiles and Sets[edit]

Tiles are created through the alchemy profession (basically Potions). Using ores and known Tile recipes.

Tilesets are created from individual tiles on the artificing table in the basement of your home. Each tileset is created from a series of three to five tiles. [1]

Activating Tilesets[edit]

As a player engages in combat, all the individual actions of combat (taking damage, blocking, and each individual attack) all have their own rune associated with these actions. As the actions occur, the tiles in the tileset are activated. When the series of a tileset is complete, the buff will proc. [2]

The series in a tileset does not have to be completed sequentially. Other actions can occur between the activation of each tile in the tileset. However, the more actions that occur, the more "interference" there is in the tileset and the weaker the proc. [3]

Choosing a Tileset[edit]

When consumed, the Runesmith Potion will show the runes that are activating while a player is in combat. This potion only displays the runes for the player that consumed the potion. It does not, by comparison, reveal runes of all other players to the one who consumed the potion. [4].

A skilled artificer can examine the runes of the player who consumed the potion and look for patterns that activate during combat. The artificer can then build tilesets based on the viewed runes. [5]